The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023

Get the Best Web Hosting Reviews List In 2023

  1. A2Hosting – Best all-around web hosting provider
  2. Fastcomet – Affordable website hosting
  3. Hostgator – Hosting For Every Website
  4. Cloudways – Recommended Cloud Hosting
  5. Liquidweb – Recommended for High Traffic websites

1. A2hosting - Best Overall Hosting

When a2hosting launched in 2003, the company itself focuses on web development. Since then they were the first to offer PHP 5 and of the first hosting companies to offer Ruby on Rails in shared hosting platforms.

As they primarily focus on hosting now and has been a performance oriented company in industry. The features looks really eye catching with site loads speed boost and performance. They become the top priorities behind support and reliability.

A2hosting offers the first SSD hosting today offering SSD disk to users of shared web hosting. When looked at the SSD, we’re going to do it right companies that attempts to offer SSD included in the file server and not the SQL server.

A2hosting offers SSD around all sacks and they found a percent jump in page loads and something that users always craved for. This is built to make a difference and not to distract from the customer experience.

A2Hosting - Best web hosting

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Features that we’ve like so much in A2 shared web hosting are as follows:-

  • SSD storage with Turbo Speed upto 20x faster speed page loads
  • A2 hosting plugins with 1-click installation for wordpress
  • Free malware scanning with restore options
  • Host every bit of unlimited with free site transfer
  • A2-optimized speed caching along with Opcache and Memcached

Also, A2 offers you anytime money back guarantee along with few features that we love to speak about such as cloudflare CDN and comes with popular CMS like WordPress and Magento.

A2hosting is committed to have excellent tool made for their users with loads of implementations and simplistics for their customers.

A2 hosting installation and auto configurations allows plugins for make web applications like wordpress easier than ever.

With control panel, users access a wealth of popular products from the SEO gallery and security features. A2  hosting is the only hosting provider with shared affordable shared hosting packages along with lots of caching, security, backups and more at a development phase.

Hackscan, malware detection mechanism are far superior than any other hosting provider, we found out a2 host to be the best hosting provider across the globe.

A2 optimized caching with 20X faster loads speeds

Really, you can't put price on customer support and custom products of a2 hosting that made them to remain firm in competition. With a2 hosting you get a 24x7 support including wordpress specific department as well the features that come really handy for a users using it.

Since, the launch of a2 optimized caching options and with their turbo hosting platforms (a self configured caching option) that has Opcache, Memcached and with custom turbo products works mostly with SSL.

A2 Optimized software finds it great fro experience with page loads and speeds that stretches about 20 times faster than the average.

Whether you have a dedicated server or a shared hosting plans a2hosting can offer a great deal for money that meets all your needs. With experiety tuned servers a2 promises to provide around 99.9% uptimes or higher and a Tech expert customer support available for all day, everyday.

Just don't take the word, a2 host offers the fastest and one of the best reliable hosting. You can go through their tons of testimonials and you’ll find out how happy are their customer support team.

The goal is to offer the best web hosting solutions that are efficient and affordable at the same time. Since, opening up the company it had worked really well with loads of R&D involved for several years earning a good reputation among all their counterparts that accolades as them the the op hosting provider in the company.

A2Host in a Nutshell: Speed, Security and Support

You can’t go wrong with a2 hosting. A wonderful web hosting service and thousands of happy owners with impressive performance and security measures that put constant thought and user experience with praisable services belongs to users need performance and reliability at the same time.

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2. Fastcomet - Affordable website hosting

We have received tremendous reviews on Fastcomet that is why we’re more compelled to share you some stories regarding Fastcomet wordpress hosting. When looking for a web hosting. Most of us faces the pitfalls of high prices, skimpy features and hidden price lists.

Whether you have your blogs on wordpress or any other. Fastcomet servers are always go through the content delivery networks, comes with free domains and solid state drives. That’s great all solid builds for these bloggers.

You might think it's impossible to find such web hosting without a great deal or drawbacks or without any hidden charges. But Fastcomet here perhaps, the one and only web hosts that offers you fully and functional web hosting services to you all.

Fastcomet - Best Website Hosting

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Fastcomet is a definitely the best web hosting that bloggers all over the world have shortlisted, with fast speeds and wonderful free add-ons. They are even great for attentive support.

If you’re interested in buying one of their services We insist you to check their shared hosting page. Every shared hosting plans comes with this Fastcomet call “important features” or the necessities to run a website.

  • Cpanel
  • Softaculous
  • Security features
  • Backups
  • A CDN and a free domain or life

A simple drag and drop website builder is included who are thinking to make a wordpress website for them. Unmetered traffic helps to boost growing blogs unlike some other hosts who limit resources sometimes and then you’re supposed to upgrade.

As, for shared hosting is concerned the servers are mounted on SSD. All plans benefit from various speed and optimizations so that you don’t lose out your visitors waiting for your website to load.

Along with fastcomet offering a typical shared hosting for most of their applications like wordpress, joomla and so on.

Should you choose FastComet - Reliability - Features?

Fastcomet is wonderful and growing rapidly from past few years. Isn’t that surprising? Hosting plans that comes with a straight 45-days money back guarantee. We don’t see any reason of not giving it a try.  You are definitely going to love it. With plenty of plugins and affordable shared hosting plans on board you’re going to love everything much of it.

Bloggers gets a advantages here. But if you’re running a business you now have a painless migration at your services. With so many wonderful and exciting benefits and no such apparent CON’s Fastcomet requires a straight head-on, a trial at least.

Building your blog is far easier these days with FastComet step-by-step guide to follow. That’s why we shared web hosting from these reputed companies are so popular. Fastcomet support may not be flashy or greedy sales. If you like it, fastcomet employees will let all your work done. No hidden fees, No contracts. All features gets activated during signup process to solidify the deal.

With attentive support team claims to provide 24x7 assistance to everyone buying their services no matter what plans do you have. Free support is supposed to be free but do not confuse the term with malware removal which comes paying a little fee and charged for downtime or infection. Everything is clear and sounds great for the level of transparency they maintain for all services they offer.

Above all a website transfer or migration comes free as well, it means no hidden charges or sudden charges no matter how many databases you have got. You will be assisted and get everything moved in less than an hour to help with free setups wizards to get to work.

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3. Hostgator - Hosting For Every Website

If you have WordPress installed somewhere else? You might need to check Hostgator once. Whether you want to start a wordpress blog or website. The entire wordpress website on one of the most versatile platforms in existence, wordpress can meet your demands.

Create a blog, and so much more! WordPress is one of the most intuitive CMS available for you. You can make beautiful website with zero coding knowledge with free plugins and themes.

Hostgator is one of the top 10 largest web hosting companies with over 8,000,000 hosted domains. Hostgator started its business operations back in 2000’s with  850 employees till date. With a perfect choice for business, personal, or wordpress blog.


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Hostgator hosting plans comes with no question 45 days money back guarantee, with 99.9% uptime promise. If you face issues with regular support, you can ask for a support manager and he will take care time to give you the VIP attention that you deserve.

With Hostgator WordPress Hosting you will have a 2.5x Faster experience in load time due to super charge cloud architecture along with CDN in place for multiple caching layers.

You know, when your content is managed more efficiently for dynamic content request lightning fast. WordPress hosting requires cloud hosting with turbocharges your website.

It's easy to use with the control panel you’ll get. With cloud interface with on usability minimizing the complexities of traditional web hosting.

You also get a auto backup features with configurable or full setup backups.

At time, when you see sudden spike of traffic with scalable option as per your priorities to increase the capacity requirements. Easy access to all your email accounts.

All the above if you’re already hosted somewhere else you can use the Migration feature that comes for free. Transfer all your services or wordpress site to Hostgator. You will come across some valuable tips and tools within the managed hosting platform with more popular WordPress templates in MOJO marketplace.

Hostgator Hosting Plans and Pricing

What advantages do you get in Hostgator over other Hosting?

Unlike shared hosting Hostgator managed wordpress hosting requires a server environment that designed specifically for wordpress. This means you will have more faster page loads at least upto 1 millisecond faster.

Talking about the security you would get a higher level of protection against attacks on automatic WordPress updates. For a safer and fastest website you require a good wordpress hosting and Hostgator fulfils that hoppily!

Best Features of Hostgator Web Hosting

  • Unmetered disk space and bandwidth
  • Flexible and easy to clean with control panel
  • Unlimited sub-domains with FTP accounts and email accounts
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • A straight 45-days money back guarantee

Features you get with every WordPress Hosting Plan

  • Free website builder
  • A sum of 4,500 Free website templates
  • Free website migration, domain transfer and script transfer
  • 52 free scripts with one click installation
  • Get 100$ credit for google adwords

Latest Cpanel Features

  • Latest Control Panel
  • Website stats with webalizer, Error logs and Raw log manager
  • Make custom error pages
  • Web based file manager, IP deny manager

Application Hosting

  • Instantly install over 75 open-source scripts with one single click
  • WordPress hosting- bring the power of your own wordpress blog
  • Absolutely green hosting with wind energy offset to power the server emissions.

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4. CloudWays - Recommended Cloud Hosting

Cloudways is an affordable cloud-based managed hosting service. It is a managed hosting that encompasses the fast loading of websites. Cloudways platform is highly optimized and can handle high traffic. Cloudways offers to scale of hosting resources for better speed, performance, and high security.

Cloudways has incorporated its business in the year 2009. They operate through their headquarters located at Malta in Europe. They have more than 30+ professionals and presence in 43+ countries with large 12,000+ servers onboard.

Cloudways believes in affordable pricing and offering performance rich functionality at the same time. It offers plenty of features for cloud-based managed WordPress hosting.

Cloudways - Best Cloud Hosting

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Types of Hosting is offered by Cloudways

Cloudways hosting is a complete cloud hosting solution that is usually managed where hosting provides the hosting solution takes care of hosting related hassles.

There are numerous managed hosting providers but what makes CloudWays different from others are its advantages over hosting providers such as easy to scale, pay as you go, among the top contenders in cloud hosting, eCommerce ready, supported by experts.

Pricing (Signup and Renewal Price)

Cloudways is all in one web hosting solution that provides different hosting services for all business needs. Cloudways user-friendly affordable hosting packages are cheap besides this one can build a scalable business using CloudWays by using extra resources adjustments as per needs.

The CloudWays cloud hosting plans usually starts with a cost of $10/month include DigitalOcean charges and go up to $100/month.

Customer Support

Cloudways is the ultimate solution for any business needs. Cloudways have well-built infrastructure along with brilliant support services for their cloud hosting platform. The support is available 24x7 through call, Chat, and Email. They have a dedicated team of experts for the use of cloud services with WordPress needed support.

Uptime Scores / Server Reliability

Cloudways maintained a phenomenal uptime throughout the years. It is clear by the study that it had a downtime of just 3.46 hours in the year 2014. Since then they did not have any major downtime. It is clear that CloudWays is available at 99.9% of the time.

Cloudways services are usually meant for the small, mid and large size businesses that help them to prosper their business entity such as eCommerce store, trading sites are using CloudWays optimized servers without any major downtime.

Server Locations

Cloudways have more than 60 data centers located in different parts of the world. Cloudways have a presence in more than 15 countries, 33 cities and carrying 63 data centers as in whole.

Cloudways uses special ThunderStack technology to deploy resources at an optimal level for managed hosting and WordPress managed hosting. This unique technique paves the way for better speed for your WordPress websites and guarantees 100% uptime score.


Cloudways deploys various levels of the firewalls, application isolation techniques to ensure multiple levels of security. Cloudways users get the added benefits such as SFTP logins and SSH which is an effective measure to prevent malicious attacks.

Cloudways also provides free SSL certificates to ensure an optimal level of security during data transit.

Multiple Add-on Domains

Cloudways allows access to the domain management system using the application management system in cPanel. There you will find an option to add the domain name (primary) and other adding multiple add-on domains. Adding multiple add-on domains using the CloudWays cPanel is easy and convenient.

 Refund Policy & Free Trial Period

Cloudways allows cancellation of hosting account and get refunded within the first 3 months of an initial period. Cloudways do not run any free trial period but provide a refund for unused resources within the 90 days of hosting depending upon certain terms & conditions.

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5. Liquidweb - Recommended for High Traffic websites

Liquid web is among the best hosting company which has received numerous awards.

Liquidweb provides optimized WordPress hosting along with premium features that users will not find anywhere. Also, users will likely see an exclusive 33% discount in all of their hosting packages.

Liquid web has built a multi-tiered network and has over 4 data centers in the United States and another in Amsterdam. Liquid Web uses the latest technology on the market with proper hardware capabilities in affordable pricing.

Overall Liquid web is a high powered managed hosting which is expensive in nature but gives you complete peace of mind.


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Liquid web offer different types of hosting such as

  1. Managed WordPress hosting
  2. Cloud VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting

Pricing (Signup and Renewal Price)

Liquid web focused on offering premium hosting solutions to those can afford it. Their cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting actively participate in your website growth by offering blazing speed servers. Also, pricing is a little on the higher side. Liquid web is mainly for mid to big sized websites and usually not for new websites.

Usually, their VPS hosting plans start off with the price of $59/month offering 2 GB RAM and 40 GB disk space and the price list goes up to $189/month.


Liquid web is well versed in offering customers with useful web resources by publishing helpful articles on their official page. They also keep a 24x7 window open for support either in the form of tickets or email. Liquid web is more inclined towards customer satisfaction due to which they are quite anxious about resolving customer queries.

Uptime Scores / Server Reliability

Liquid web possesses excellent hardware faculty due to which customers get to enjoy almost 100% uptime. Not only that liquid web use custom confirmation, has a robust infrastructure that is reflected by the consistent performance the host provided throughout the year. There are only a few handfuls of web hosting that is offering such kind of services as of now.

Liquid web is definitely a reliable hosting with over 4 years of consistent and quality deliverance. Liquid web boasts powerful servers facilitated through data centers located across worldwide.

Server Locations

Liquid web at present has data centers at 3 different distinct places the popular one remains at Lansing and Michigan. And the last one but is situated in DC Arizona. Security

Liquid web security is phenomenal in all of the 25,000+ servers. They incorporate own data centers, have been specially built onsite security. Also, they have a rich performance-based network through which they prevent attacks and offer CDN protection against DDoS protection.

Multiple Add-on Domains

Liquid web allows you to add multiple domains however the process requires little setup before the additional domain names point to subdomains of your account.

Refund Policy & Free Trial Period

Liquid web is a great web hosting mainly crafted to meet large organization’s needs. However liquid web does not provide any refunds for the cancellation for its managed WordPress hosting. But refunds are allowed only for the cloud VPS plans on a prorated basis.

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What is Shared, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud, and Dedicated Hosting?

Shared hosting - Shared hosting generally refers to a single physical server that hosts multiple websites and distributes the resources of the single among all websites hosted on it. 

Virtual Private Servers - Virtual Private Servers is usually known as VPS which is comprehend a server running within a server. VPS is better than a shared server where server resources and hardware is allocated to your website for faster load times.

Cloud servers - A cloud server is a large set of various computing resources used to meet the growing demands of users through the internet. Cloud servers can be accessed remotely and they include better capabilities and works as a single function or independently for handling different tasks. 

Dedicated servers - A dedicated server is basically a single computing unit that is dedicated to a single organization or company. Dedicated servers are costly and used for resource-intensive works where a user is responsible for managing, deploying and hosting by himself.

Why you should Ignore Free Website Hosting?

Web hosting is an integral part of your online presence and you shouldn’t comprise with it. Do not get driven by a free website hosting for the sake of saving some money. Free hosting will help you when the traffic is low on your site. As soon as you start receiving heavy traffic the server shut off refraining the users from viewing your site. 

That being said, understand the aspect of a self-hosted blog. You get complete control of your site, databases and scale up your site at later stages. 

How to find the Best Website Hosting providers in 2021?

Due to an increase in demand many web hosting providers are coming out with aggressive pricing and unique feature set. In order to find the best website hosting providers in 2021.

Look out for these questions before purchasing hosting:

  • Which web hosting has the best uptime rate?
  • Which web hosting offers the best speed?
  • Which web hosting provide good support?
  • Which web hosting offers the best features and functionalities to meet your present as well as future needs?

Among these shared web hosting is the most popular due to low price and better value. These web hosting resources are distributed among all the websites hosted on a shared server. Also, each website has a special domain name hosted on a shared server. 

I have written a detailed article on web hosting on my personal blog, I will request you to visit Blogger Freak

FAQ While Choosing A Best Web Hosting Company

What web hosting means?

A web hosting generally refers to an agreement between the hosting provider and you for a monthly based rental plan to use their servers in exchange for a fee. Web hosting is basically computers that store all your website data and allow others to visit your website from any corners of the world.

In order to create a website, you need a web hosting account to house your website and a strong internet connection for making 1000’s of websites live on a server.

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