A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud – Which is the best suitable Hosting Provider?

There are 1000s of web hosting companies across the globe and it becomes very difficult to select the best web hosting company and it becomes more difficult when you have shortlisted a couple of web hosting and you need to know which one will be best for your business, website or blog.

Also, there are 100s of web hosting review sites which provides the technical reviews of web hosting companies and I will recommend you to go there and get all the technical details, Here you will get the comparison between hosting companies on such parameters that majorly influence the bloggers or small business owners like me.

A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud

I am hoping that you have shortlisted A2 and Chemicloud as your hosting partner and now you are confused between this 2 hosting company, to overcome your confusion, I am writing this detailed comparison article on A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud Which is the best web hosting provider?

Here, you will get head to head comparison between A2 Hosting Vs Chemicloud on different parameters and features that will help you to choose between these two famous web hosting providers

Comparison between Chemicloud vs A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting vs Hostgator – Price comparison

This is the most important comparison parameter and very close to my heart. I always look for the best web hosting with an affordable pricing structure and should not be hard on your packet which selecting them.

Price ComparisonA2HostingChemicloud
Starting Price$2.99/mo$3.95/mo
Renewal Price$8.99/m$7.90/mo
Recommended Years to buy33
Free Domain NameYesNo
Money BackWithin 45 DaysAnytime Money Back

On the Pricing Parameter Chemicloud is a clear winner in compare with A2


A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud – Uptime and Reliability

Uptime and Reliability of a web hosting company are the utmost important parameters before selecting a hosting provider.

  • A2Hosting gives the guarantee of 99.99% uptime to its customers
  • Chemicloud also provides the 99.99% uptime guarantee

I have personally used both A2 and Chemicloud and I can say both hosting companies are reliable to go with

On the Uptime and Reliability Parameter both A2 Hosting and Chemicloud is the best and a tie


A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud – Support Comparison

You have done with the pricing, uptime, and reliability and the most important parameter for comparison now is the Support. There are many bloggers, website owners who don’t want any issue regarding the website, but the issue can come, and to resolve that issue, we need an efficient support team.

If the support team is not good, then I will not recommend that the hosting provider. Below is the comparison of support between A2 and Chemicloud

Support ComparisonA2HostingChemicloud
Live ChatYesYes
Waiting PeriodAround 2 minute2 Sec
Technical Issue via ChatYesYes
Email SupportYesYes
Forum SupportYesYes
Video guidesYesNo

On the Support Parameter A2 Hosting is a clean winner in compare to Chemicloud


A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud – Feature Comparison

Till now we have done the detailed comparison between different parameters and till now you would have got a clear picture about the best hosting provider, In this section, I am going to compare different features that will be beneficial for your selection criteria

Feature ComparisonA2HostingChemicloud
No of Websites11
Disk space100 GB SSD Storage15 GB SSD Disk Space
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Site MigrationFreeFree
Windows HostingYesNo
Managed WordPress hostingYesNo
Linux HostingYesNo
Shared HostingYesYes
Dedicated HostingYesNo
Cloud HostingYesYes

Here, I can see that A2Hosting takes the lead in compare with Chemicloud


A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud – Hardware and Server comparison

Now, let’s compare the Hardware and server provided by this 2 hosting provider

A2Hosting  – Your website will be hosted on a server with below configuration

  • A2 Hosting provides complete SSD storage space
  • 12 Core Server Minimum
  • 64 GB RAM Server Minimum
  • Every client will be 0.7GB of RAM in basic hosting plan and 4GB in turbo server of A2
  • You can purchase a separate dedicated IP
  • Max. number of Inodes – 600,000

Chemicloud – Below is the hardware and server configuration for your shared hosting service

  • Chemicloud also provides SSD storage space to its client and that ensures up to 300% faster access to your files and databases
  • Max. number of Inodes – 350 000
  • CloudLinux OS

Here, it seems A2 is taking the lead on this parameter as well


A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud – Datacenter

The data center is a very important aspect while selecting the hosting company. It is recommended to select the nearest location for your targeted traffic.

A2 Hosting Server Locations – USA-Michigan, USA-Arizona, Europe-Amsterdam, and Asia-Singapore

Chemicloud Datacenter – San Francisco (US), New York (US), Amsterdam (EU), Bucharest (EU), London (UK), Bangalore (Asia), Singapore (Asia) and Sydney (Australia).

When you compare the data center location, Here Chemicloud is taking a lead in compare with A2


A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud – Backup

Data safety should always be the first priority of any hosting provider and it can happen that you need your website backup and if your hosting provider has not taken a backup of your website, then your whole website and your work can be in a mess.

A2Hosting – The only disadvantage of A2 is that they don’t take automatic backup of the website. From Cpanel, you have to take a backup. If you need automatically backup then you have to pay extra for the same.

Chemicloud – They take a completely automated backup and keep the data safe for 30 days and anytime you can take that back up and restore the same

Here, Chemicloud takes a lead against A2


Final Verdict on Chemicloud vs A2Hosting

After reading the detailed comparison between A2hosting and chemicloud now we have reached a conclusion part. I hope this comparison article will you to know the best hosting provider for your website.

Below table is the summary of A2 Hosting vs Chemicloud

Uptime & ReliabilityWinner
Hardware and ServerWinner

Visit A2Hosting.com to get started                  Visit Chemicloud to get started

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