Best Cheap Web Hosting 2023 – For Blogs & Small Business Website

It’s not an easy finding the best cheap web hosting, unless you’re a excel wizard. Although, it can get little overwhelming when you can directly compare different web hosting features like the bandwidth, disk space, usability and support.

But as we know there are limited number of web hosts available and their affordable pricing makes us believe it still can have the performance to run any website on your demand.

Cheap web hosting

Here, I will provide Cheap web hosting companies with the best hosting service. There are many hosting providers who are very very cheap but their hosting service and support service is pathetic.

I have listed the hosting companies that I have tested personally and identified that they provide cheap hosting and excellent hosting service which will help your blog or business website.

5 best cheap web hosting provider in 2023

While there is so much useful information on the internet. What makes us different from others is. We go up to you to combine every bit of information in bits and pieces to fit your website needs. This results in taking advantage of and picking the right web hosting for your blog needs.



A2hosting having one of the global optimized servers with inevitable support for their users. Why don’t you take a look at the official website of A2hosting? Still, confused?

Look at the pricing of A2 Hosting offering three hosting packages at just $3.92 per month. Isn’t that good?

Although A2hosting promises to boasts speeds of up to 20x faster that means your pages load faster. They have been around 2001, and have major data centers around the world in the US, EUROPE, and ASIA.

A2Hosting - Best web hosting

So what do we think about A2 Hosting? A blazing fast host is essentially having great support and uptime. To test it by ourselves we have had this shared plan with a basic wordpress website setup.

What do we like about A2hosting?

Reliable and Accurate uptimes

A2hosting claims to make an added mileage on uptime, speed, and customer support. So are they great? Well, in our results it turns out well.

We analyzed the uptimes and found the truth in their claims. This is because the downtime can actually cost you around millions of dollars. So, if anyone looking for a high uptime hosting provider. Currently, A2 hosting can be turned out well when figured out the last 12 months’ uptime data. It was nearly about 99.92%

Fastest shared hosting provider- Don’t believe us!

A2 hosting offers users 20x faster than competitors and that’s impressive. Is anyone close to it? No, at this moment. Some of the top online selling brands are using A2 Hosting because a 3-second load can cause a 50% loss of traffic.

Better and efficient customer support

We know a lot of users are waiting to see how good is the A2 Hosting customer support. Great uptimes and faster page load times are good but nothing matters if you experience apathetic support from your hosting provider.

Thus, we feel glad to announce the strings of impressive friendly customer support from A2 Hosting. Neither of us faced any difficulties with the customer support and it turned out to be fulfilling.

Keeps your site safe with “HackScan”

A wonderful preventive measure has been taken by A2 Hosting for all users purchasing their hosting plans. Hack Scan is a new way to keep the site out from Hackers.

This works as a dual firewall where penetration through scripts or DDoS is minimal and continues to be active as long as your site is running on their servers.

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Fastcomet is one of the highest-ranked hosting company. While there may be some hosting that simply relies on speed and performance. But with Fastcomet you can be happy.

We liked some of the best options it had when we tested the wordpress blog on the server. The company has started with late operation in 2000 with more than millions of customers worldwide.

Fastcomet - Best Website Hosting

Plans and Pricing

The plans are really nice for the price and anyone looking for an affordable plan can simply browse through the Fastcomet homepage where they have mentioned everything about pricing and features they offer on sign-ups.

Starting just with $2.95 per month will have everything you need to start your online venture.

The particular shared hosting offers users with features such as:

  • Website starter kit
  • Free domain for life
  • Single website
  • 15GB SSD space
  • Unmetered traffic

Fastcomet is well versed offering seven data centers on three continents. It allows the details to be public on their homepage splitting location to UK, Netherlands, Germany and Australia, Singapore, and Tokyo.

With the introduction of cloud hosting Fastcomet takes aim at beating some of the best established hosting providers worldwide. There are plans that are aggressively packed to compete with most of their counterparts.

With a broad geographical spread, Fastcomet takes a clear focus on future growth with an attractive option for customers at all levels of business.

Support and Customer service

Fastcomet is fully compiled with 24×7 support no matter which plans you choose. By seeing the previous stats we came to know that it has a data rate of 93% support from support inquiries within 10 minutes.

Isn’t that good? They also provide an option to raise a ticket in case of discrepancies and also support via live chat and mail.

Daily backups

Fastcomet offers you the one-click backup tool for fast, simple backups on shared all shared hosting plans. And all restore options are absolutely free. On dedicated servers backups taken on a various intervals such as daily / weekly / monthly.

Uptimes Guarantee

Fastcomet claims to have 99.9% efficient in maintaining the site online. We have personally checked and reviewed the uptimes and downtimes for a period of the last 12 months’ record. And, we can see the claims pretty much true on their behavior.

Billing and Payment

Fastcomet offers customers various paying options for Indian users. Such as Debit card, Net Banking. Customers are not tied to any contract and willfully take back their invested money in a 45-days money-back guarantee. Only if you don’t like the plans.

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The one and only hosting that boasts services ranging from shared hosting to cloud. They have in the hosting industry since 2002 and are based in Houston with a datacenter lying in Austin, Texas.

Well, most of the servers are reside in Provo, Houston, and Utah. In the world of hosting Hostgator is the foremost name that comes up more frequently than any other hosting provider.

Hostgator is one of the best-known companies we know in existence. Since 2002 and retains the performance and pricing. Hostgator offers you shared hosting, WordPress hosting and VPS hosting. Now, is this the right choice for you?


We love the cool features of Hostgator

One of the best cheap web hosting providers has to be Hostgator. They offer users with absolute top of the line hosting and domain service setup. They are good for professional, entrepreneurs or even individuals can reap benefits of it.

A few quick look into the best cool features that we’ve liked

Quick installer– Straight pick and install from 75 applications with an click of mouse.

Powered by Cpanel– One of the best industry needs Cpanel. So bring’em all the goodies to build and maintain your excellent website.

Brilliant support– Don’t believe us. We loved the support by live chat, phone or chat.

Programming and databases– All the major applications such as MySQL, SSH and more are available for the advance users.

Plans and Pricing

When looking to buy any plans from Hostgator. The most basic one that you can get is shared hosting. This inexpensive option allows you to cut cost without any major drawbacks.

Hostgator offers with 2 major Shared hosting plans

  • Hatchling Plan: starting at just $2.75 per month.
  • Baby Plan: The most loved plan with starting with just $3.95 per month
  • Business Plan: The plans starts with $5.95 per month

The benefits are really awesome with any plans you choose. There are free templates, website building tool along with the site builder and free website transfer. On top of that you are allowed to apply 52 free scripts with just a click of mouse. Even the in shared hosting you get around $200 for complementary advertising credits.

Are you a blogger, designer? Is Hostgator perfect for you?

Hostgator is an excellent choice if you’re going to host your blog on wordpress. If you’re just starting up with shared hosting. Or a wordpress starter plan then, you’re going to get a ton of amazing features.

  • Speed boosting
  • A simplified control panel with user experience in mind
  • Apps and plugins for wordpress
  • Enhanced security features
  • And wordpress features designed to simplify your life.

99.9% uptimes

Once you know get started with their hosting plans you’ll come to know why they been able to enjoy so much success in hosting arena. Hostgator is prides to offers a superior technology to their users with servers and equipments.

The updates are seen great when seen through hardware upgrades. We checked the previous results and found some astounding results.

Refund Policy and Ease of use

Hostgator backed with a 45-days money back guarantee. This period is genuinely made to offers users with more versatile options to everything before they start with their plans. A standard backup policy is around 30 days where Hostgator is offering a little extra for their users.

Now, you know Hostgator excels with all accounts that comes with a free website builder as mentioned earlier Hostgator has became the finest choice opting for a wordpress hosting and use of control panel on streamlined specifically for blogging.

No matter what what hosting plans you choose yo’ll be greeted with a little more with great experience.

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You must have known Chemicloud earlier, if you’re hearing it for first time then, a small history about this company will suffice the entire needs for you. We have reviewed and analysed the Chemicloud for you. Chemicloud started its operation on 2008 and since then it’s revamped its site and brought lot more changes into the style of functioning.

It’s a very simple and elegant hosting for beginners that offers premium customer support from start of activation of any plans. Setup is almost free and you’ll end up with live website in a matter of minutes.

Hence, Chemicloud offers some of the wide range of hosting plans starting from the very basic shared hosting plans. We’ll make a note to discuss everything these shared hosting plans consists of.

Chemicloud - Cloud Hosting

The starter plans conveys a price tag of $2.76 per month for a 3 years subscription and other unlimited plans carries around $7.66 per month for a 3 year plan. These shared hosting plans are available both for windows and linux platforms.

If you’re running a dynamic website or preparing a event blogging site which may get around 30-50k visitors a day then, probably you can go with the popular unlimited plan.

To be frank all plans carries some limitations but we guess it’s placed for the fair usage of the server resource.

Also, a very few companies comes with node js hosting. Since node js hosting is widely popular due to fact it’s platform independent technology.

Although you get the UNLIMITED at a price of $2.76 per month with lots functionalities in it.

The UNLIMITED Plan offers you with Medium traffic portals such as:

  • 35 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Domain for life
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • 1-Click Backup Restore
  • Turbo Boost – 3X more power and memory
  • Up to 10x faster
  • Worldwide Server Locations

Advantages of choosing Chemicloud

Chemicloud utilizes some of the best practices to retails customers. These are some of the features that Chemicloud willfully offers its customers.

  • Free domain registration
  • Refer and earn policy
  • Free Installation
  • Free Migration
  • Chat Facility
  • Varnish cache
  • Server Latency

Technical support – Uptime – Reliability

Chemicloud make use of ticket system to resolve customers issues with hosting. Therefore after log-in to the Cpanel One can see the Raise ticket to launch a complaint or grievance about the user issues.

The customer support team will look into the issue and willy try to fix it in couple of hours. Also Hosting Raja offers 24×7 support through phone call and chat

They have a very friendly customer support and the executives are nice to talk with. You can rely on them if you come across any issues with your hosting.

Coming to the uptimes chemicloud offers a consistent uptimes and performance and we readily experience downtimes running our website on shared or VPS server. That comes close to 99.98% for an year.

Final thought about Chemicloud

If you had checked Chemicloud page, you can conclude everything in a single glance there, in regard to the reviews they provide pretty good uptimes and tech support.  We have even experienced the same when testing two our websites. Till now, we didn’t faced any issues regarding support or uptime.

The entire page is pretty much good and provides lot of informations to the user mostly the prime factor, reliability and support.

If you want a good and cheap web web hosting provider, you can look for Chemicloud as a brilliant option to host your website. Especially for beginners who have no or least knowledge on hosting and trying to learn everything on the go.

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There may be 100’s of hosting providers in india. But we guess getting a hosting for cheap is not everything. However the online platform has changed a lot offering greater share of opportunities for everyone. At times when you’re ready to start a new blog or website for your business or personal needs. We have seen lots of peoples prefer buying it from BigRock.


If you’re one looking for the best cheap web hosting in India you can definitely have a look at Big Rock featuring:

  • Unlimited domains
  • Large disk space
  • Bandwidth
  • One free .COM for life
  • Email address
  • 99% uptime Guarantee
  • Dedicated server with 24×7 technical support
  • 30-days no question asked money back guarantee.

As, you know more and more business houses are venturing into the virtual world. With ever growing traffic and ways to profit from it has started long ago.

It’s always necessary for a blogger or webmasters to make a solid web presence if you want to expand internationally through maximizing profits.

When you look at the features and the benefits you can reap from it. The top names includes BIGROCK leading hosting provider in India facilitating a powerful support for your website.

Why choose BigRock?

BigRock is one of the most popular domain registration website in the world. That cater the needs of over 6 million customers with a very good reputation in the market with an efficient hosting options in it.

However, with smart tools and easily customizable features this platform has becomes popular among the beginners who have least or no experience in hosting. Even managing a website with Bigrock Cpanel is a great deal. Now, look at the features that Big Rock offers its users.

Plans and Pricing

Big Rock offer you with 3 shared hosting plans.

One STARTER Plan with minimal website usage and good for personal site starts with INR 59 per month.

The ADVANCE Plan that is best suited for sprouting blogger and web developers starts with a price of INR 179 per month.

And, the BUSINESS Plan that starts with the small scale business store or website at a price of just INR 319 per month offersing host of features in it.

Why should one think about investing in Big Rock ?

Seo Friendly and effective

Bigrock offers a both global as well as local servers that are loaded with most advance features technically you feel happy when it boost up your web presence and a push that is much needed for your website to grow over the time.

Affordable customised plans

BigRock offers variety of plans and offers limited as well as unlimited plans. However, the unlimited plans start with INR 599/ month with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

You can also personalise your hosting plans according to your needs. BigRock also offers you options for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and eCommerce platforms for building web stores at a affordable cost.

Very Productive

We have thoroughly checked their servers having 99.9% times almost all the time. This ensures a higher position of getting your website noticed which in turn gets better chances of a high SEO position.

If you’re a sprouting blogger don’t hesitate to try Big Rock hosting that helps your generate more traffic and sales through acquiring fruitful leads.

Excellent customer support

Big Rock is one of the best cheap web hosting providers in India with excellent customer support. There will be always someone professionals to help you out at demand. Users can contact them via mail, live chats, or video calls or phones. Sadly, there are no options for Tickets to raise complaints or grievances.

Advance payment options

Unlike other hosting platforms, Big Rock doesn’t have any account making procedure with Paypal or Bitcoin. If you reside in India you can check out the other payment options that include payment from Debit card, net banking, Online payment transfers, UPI, and even the cash payments. All the monetary transactions are backed with 128-bit encryption.

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Types of Web Hosting

You may know, there are free and inexpensive hosting available. But the reason we don’t recommend getting anyone is straight. Nothing comes for free. Neither do Google policies approve such activities? Also, free hosting comes with limitations and we strictly don’t recommend you to buy one for your site or blog.

Coming to different types of hosting can be a little bit confusing but it’s important to know always which one to choose for your website when you’re starting a blog or changing the existing hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most commonly used hosting for the majority of bloggers, webmasters, or designers. To be precise share hosting literally keeps multiple sites at one server and all the resources get shared through the server resources.

The only best thing about this shared hosting is it’s affordable and requires no advanced knowledge to manage and setup everything. Every shared hosting comes with a convenient control panel referred to as CPanel sometimes.

The only CON every shared hosting are It can’t handle massive traffic pouring into your site. Although shared hosting is adopted by most of the people now, due to immense scalabilities opportunities.

For instance, If someone starting a website or blog for business/personal needs and on budget. Most of the companies these days offer CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

VPS hosting

VPS is referred to as Virtual Private Server, A Virtual Private Server is similar to a shared server loaded with more server resources and act as a dedicated server in the hosting environment but that does not necessarily mean that it would act as a dedicated server. Since it comes in-between shared and dedicated server due to which the demand is always high for such VPS Hosting.

As VPS nowadays is inexpensive and fully customizable so you get the plans according to your website needs. The only CON with VPS hosting is the pricing. It’s always expensive than shared hosting and but you get more things through VPS Hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is only meant to serve a single website Since these types of hosting are readily available for everyone. It can handle real-life traffic.

Most of the dedicated servers are flexible, comes with real-life massive traffic handling, and best suited for large companies and online shopping portals like

The only drawbacks are superior pricing which offers you numerous demanding resources for handling high traffic on your site.

What to look for the best cheap web hosting in India?

Now that you have known most of the basic things about different types of hosting. You also might need to know about the features you should take a look at when considering the best cheap web hosting in India.

Having these features ensures picking the right web host for your website or blog.

Server location

You want to make sure the web hosting is located in India. The reason is pretty simple. If you base out your website in different places other than yours.

The results are on speed. Over time you’ll experience delays and bad load times with general lag. To make sure you get the speed according to your location.

Choose the nearest data center so as to get the optimal speed when users visit your website.

We have web hosts that we’ll discuss later in the post have a datacenter in major locations such as Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.


Storage refers to server space or disk space here. Keeping an eye on storage helps you decide how many files are you going to upload to your website.

For instance, if you have a photography website you probably handle bigger dimension photos to showcase on your websites thus it will take a vital amount of server storage space.

With simple blogs or websites when you’re going to post an article with few average size photos. It’s best to go with hosting that offers SSD space that helps you to quickly open your website or blog in the blink of an eye.

Note that an SSD is faster and reliable compared with traditional mechanical hard drives.


Now, uptimes may look odd to you but it is one of the most crucial factors when purchasing a web host. Although every other web hosting provider claims to offer you 99.9% promised uptimes.

But how can you be so sure? We here at lets you decide which web hosts carry maximum uptimes on their server. So, you don’t lose the usual traffic flow on your website or blog.


Do you often feel the lack of support when setting up things on your server? While there are many other peoples who face the same issues with their web hosting provider.

Having a good hosting service and customer support is essential for everyone and to know how to fix it you might need to contact your hosting provider.

We will let you know which hosting provider comes first on support either via call, chat or mail.

Final verdict on Best Cheap Web Hosting

In our best cheap hosting provider article, We have curated the best shared hosting providers and their hosting packages. There is no doubt that these are the best hosting options you for small scale business operations or even a personal website for having requirements for small scale organization. Therefore we always do our best to provide you authentic information.

Web Hosting Analysis is a place where we review web hosting providers, provides better comparisons on best hosting provider in india. We also let you know about the pricing and user reviews who have used it before. The user insights helps to know how popular the particular web hosting company in price vs performance ratio.

Who is Best Cheap Web Hosting Provider in 2023?

By our research and analysis we think A2Hosting is the best choice.

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