Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2020

Have you ever imagined gigantic computer systems with uncountable machines running parallely acting as on one machine, effortlessly sharing information… here are some of the best cloud hosting providers in India that makes this possible.

The more you utilize the Internet, the more reason you find to use it. In this article, I have curated everything that you might need to know better about the best cloud hosting 2020

Through the means of this post, I’m able to make you understand about How Cloud Hosting Works?

Best Cloud Hosting

This is an attempt to help everyone who needs the best cloud hosting. I have thoroughly provided 5 best cloud hosting providers for your website or blog.

Although, it is worth mentioning that the cloud hosting properly fits the developers with a level of technical knowledge who can optimize the cloud system as per needs with the least cost.

Let’s see the Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers


Cloudways always been an interesting best cloud hosting providers for onlookers due to its process from moving and offering every deployment of open source tools such as Magento, WordPress, Drupal and joomla.

Cloudways - Best Cloud Hosting

Cloudways focuses more on simplicity and emphasis on targeting SMBs that have little or no administer for their infrastructure. It has curated major performance improvements from 2015 and earned its reputation among its peers.  It’s a way far better now for it’s pricing and plans.

The first plan comes with $7/monthly that includes 512MB of RAM, 1 Core, 20GB of Disk storage and 1TB of bandwidth. Along with it you get Unlimited APPs, Free SSL and round the clock customer support.

The most popular plan among them is their $17/monthly plan with 1 GB RAM, 1 Core processor, 30GB of Storage and 2 TB bandwidth.

Features of Cloudways – Why they are the Best Cloud Hosting Provider?

  • Cloudways provide one of the best managed cloud hosting service
  • Cloudways provide the full control of your application and servers
  • Cloudways provide excellent support service 24×7 and you can contact them via Live Chat, Online Ticketing and Enhanced SLAs
  • With Cloudways you will get Dedicated environment with SSD based hosting
  • Cloudways provide built in Advanced caches such as memcached, Varnish, Nginx and Redis
  • Cloudways also provide the CDN to its customers
  • Cloudways provide dedicated firewalls, 1click SSL installation, IP whitelisting and two factor authentication

For me, If you are looking for the serious cloud hosting provider, then you should go with cloudways

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Chemicloud – Reliable Cloud Hosting

With, a tag “ Making cloud effortless” Chemicloud has successfully implanted cloud hosting services more with a safer, faster and simpler solutions. The Chemicloud literally mirrors your data across several devices in the cloud.

This is perhaps good when if the hardware run with issues, the site automatically gets switched to another server.  It comes with some basic plans and with three pricing plans even some of them are lowest in cloud hosting segment.

Bandwidth is totally unlimited and unmetered so that you can take advantage of paying for what you use.

Chemicloud - Cloud Hosting

It also comes with dedicated bandwidth for better performance not only that you get something new with each of their cloud hosting plans.

Chemicloud cloud hosting comes with advanced caching to handle more traffic at no cost. It also boasts fully managed servers so as to increase the CPU/RAM on your website without any downtime.

With chemi cloud hosting you’re definitely looking for some affordable hosting plans thus, to ramp up the resources will take a click of a button, instantly now add extra bit of power and RAM without a reboot.

It also comes with better safeguard policies which ensures redundancy and safety for any website, so that you can do you work more efficiently without taking a look at the resource management dashboard

Features of Chemicloud – Why you should select them as your hosting partner?

  • The Hosting price starts at $3.95 per month
  • Chemicloud provides 24×7 customer support for any issues
  • They provide 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free Domain name is provided for lifetime
  • 45 Days of money back guarantee
  • Around 8 server locations to select from
  • If you want to migrate your website, they offer a free website migration service to its client
  •  Chemicloud takes daily backup of your website and store them for 30 days. You can restore your website within a single click from your panel

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A2Hosting offers users with swiftServer performance and with blazing SSD’s speeds. One can experience the page load of 300% faster than traditional hosting. A2 Hosting is a well known hosting company in the market as of now designed with perfect Cloud VM. And, effectively use the services which you are paying for.

A2Hosting - Best web hosting

To Start with, Monthly $15.00 plan offers you with 512MB of RAM, 10 GB HDD storage, Unlimited inbound transfer with 600 MHz of CPU (2 cores).

Then, comes the MEDIAN plan at $20.oo per month which allows the user with 1GB of RAM, 10 GB of HDD and rest the same.

The last one ACE comes with $25 per   1GB of RAM, 25 GB of HD storage and Unlimited inbound transfer.

Note: All the above VPS plans come with Total Money back guarantee, and 24*7 support.

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What is Cloud Hosting?

Just like, a typical hosting a cloud hosting operates in a diverse section of web servers which runs parallely in a conjunction with different cloud platforms other than traditional web hosting forms like shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting is pretty much different from the typical shared hosting but does follow the same rules other than rendering pages from various servers located all across the places.

Now, you might be wondering how a cloud hosting works.

A cloud hosting perhaps can be also be called a complete virtual server running across the virtual environments. It is build to work on a cloud platform and delivering most of the work by the cloud computing network. A user generally needs the internet to access it remotely.

The term cloud refers to the word cloud which resembles as a metaphor for the Internet and in cloud computing, different services are used such as servers, storage, and applications that are offered to the user using the cloud as a means to organize computer, devices through the internet.

Instead of using the locally based storage it uses cloud servers as a means to work on specific applications and services. Such as Cloud Hosting, a general term used over traditional web hosting.

Cloud hosting comes with many advantages and fewer disadvantages. Let’s read them one by one.

The first comes scalability and cloud hosting takes a major heap on it. For reference If we call upon demand for higher processing for some period, it would do justice.

Like, during Christmas all related goods are on sale and it would be better for your e-commerce site to allocate major resources on cloud hosting for getting better benefits. It would be enough to control the rush traffic to your cloud server that manages at ease.

As cloud hosting can be a better option to cut costs and great for medium to large enterprises.

Now, Let’s take a sneak peek on cloud hosting features

  • It saves your cost on large projects and applications.
  • It permits you to use 80% of resources. And, almost all cloud hosting offers Unlimited data storage.
  • Easy to manage, Scale-up for boost or Scale down when you don’t need that processing.
  • It deploys speed according to the environment.
  • Check the data redundancy

How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting Company?

Let’s say your site often face sudden spikes from heavy traffic then, a VPS hosting is the right fit for you. You can simply rely on cloud hosting for such things. Cloud hosting comes with good infrastructure when it’s often seen in projects that require multiple servers that are well fitted for it.

If you are one looking for shared hosting, for your WordPress site. Cloud hosting may not be a good deal for you. Just because it’s high on cost as compared to shared hosting and technically cloud hosting got some nitty-gritty processes for setup.

Instead of that, there are few other hosting companies which offer a suitable place for your website on cloud infrastructure such as DigitalOcean and Google itself. Well, again it may fulfill the demands of the mass market but still, it has miles to go before it deliver the right needs for a particular group or Individual.

Now, if you ask us choosing the best cloud hosting solution for your business needs.

This is to tell you Cloud Hosting is one of the hottest topic these days.  Similarity, with flourishing companies like Amazon and Google, hit the major core of the market showing them the amazing potential on cloud computing.

Perhaps the true identity of Cloud hosting is the ability to make much more in less time.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Scalability – As, we discussed it earlier about the scalability, the advantages lies on the current possibility for infrastructure to surpass the multiple servers to control the extra capacity.

This allows you to quickly scale up the unprecedented surges on your traffic which can grow and fulfill your requirements for a certain period of time.

Better performance Cloud hosting tries to boost the server performance as long as you need it, this is an addition to the increasing capacity unwinding the availability of the customers.

Cloud hosting can offer you better load balance across multiple servers. It helps to put minimum strain to one server making it a swift experience for everyone.

Reduced costs Cloud hosting offers you to get rid of extra resources as you are the sole controller of your own hardware and this somehow cut few expenses. With, ease you can scale up or down the resources or part of unused hardware.

Disaster recoveryThis is a much better option, Cloud hosting offers you with an advantage on disaster recovery just like if you are using multiple servers this is especially beneficial that you always get your backup ready.

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

SecurityIf you using a Cloud hosting thing may get little tricky on Security part beliefs and feel secure knowing that their data is secured in those metal boxes and can eavesdrop on data stored on it.   hosting is just the same so, you need to have some sensible circumstances with it.

Downtime: You can get rid of the downtime issue if you are smart enough to judge the right cloud hosting for you. So, choose wisely.

Accessibility: As you know Cloud hosting infrastructure is entirely on Cloud platform and you need to get dependent on internet access for it. In spite of that, it still raises the possibility of managing and controlling the data becomes tied to the reliability of your internet service provider.

If you are planning to start a website on Laravel Framework, then you should read detailed article on Best Laravel Hosting

What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

Managed cloud hosting is a broader term and if we explain it in simple terms it would be a process by which a hosting shares and access resources, such as databases- hardware and software tools through a remote network. When comes to cloud hosting it manages to rely on different servers located at different locations.

In managed cloud hosting only a part of the server, the slice is required to work just like a virtual server. Hence before continuing with any plans. The key focus on cloud hosting is to get from security and consistent availability.

A managed cloud hosting can be purchased on an hourly basis, in the form of monthly as well as for longer periods.

A managed cloud hosting services offer a user with greater safety and dependability of servers private cloud hosting just because it is much of cost-effective and relies on a public cloud.

Our Verdict on Best Cloud Hosting

As cloud becomes the major part to manage and store data. Cloud hosting is attractive for many reason such as using it’s service and applications takes a while for a owner to set up and up running the same day.

Overall, Cloud Hosting is well operated and all major companies from medium to big size integrate cloud computing that eliminates the worry over another things.

When it comes to peace of mind, setting up private cloud space helps you to dedicate the service solely to your business.

Which is the Best Cloud Hosting in 2020?

By our research and analysis we think Cloudways is the best choice for Cloud Hosting.


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