Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2023 | Web Hosting Analysis of Dedicated Server

Are you someone who likes having an online presence? Are you someone who wants to make a career on the internet? If you are someone who fits into the two categories. And if you have decided to make the internet as a career option, then you have to be ready to face competition in the market

There are so many different kinds of hosting available in the modern time frame. It becomes very difficult for us to pick up the best hosting for our blogs. But, not anymore. Here in this blog, we will be talking about the best dedicated server in 2023.

Here in this article, you will get a fair picture of the best dedicated server which you can go ahead and buy to carry forward your internet career. Everyone thinks of having an online presence and for doing so we need to have our website. And to have our website we need to have a proper fit web hosting.

In this article, we bring to you the Best Dedicated Server Hosting provider in 2023.  We wish you good luck to start your website and to own a personal and safe place on the internet for your business

Let’s see some of the best dedicated hosting Service in 2023

Liquidweb: – Overall Best Dedicated Hosting

Liquid Web is known as the fastest managed dedicated server available in the market

Liquid Web is known to have the fastest loading time that is somewhere around ~360ms. This makes the website easy to use. When someone comes to your website, they get a nice feeling as the website loads faster. The waiting time is cut off.

Liquidweb - Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Another interesting factor that makes Liquid Web a best-dedicated web hosting is that it has very powerful servers that are of 32 GB RAM.
  • Liquid Web has inbuilt RAID 1 storage that makes it easier to save a lot of information. The overload of information is not an issue and will not ask you to have another external storage.
  • The data centers of Liquid Web at present in the US and the EU.
  • If you have any problems regarding the hosting or if you find any issue, they are there 24/7. Their excellent support will contact you or respond within a minute.
  • The data centers that Liquid Web possesses are present in the US and in the EU. These help in providing good and a stable connection, especially for the users or visitors in both of those regions.

There is no doubt the performance of the Liquid Web. Some studies show that the performance of the Liquid Web is ~360ms. Their efficiency is seen in the perfection of their uptime and the downtime.

Their uptime is 99.99% and only 2 minutes is their downtime. This gives them an upper hand over the other hosting companies and makes them the best-dedicated server.

Technical Features of Liquidweb

The dedicated servers of the Liquid Web are both in Linux and Windows configurations. Sometimes one should be prepared to pay a little extra for the Windows configuration is you want it as a standard. The access to Plesk, WHM, Interworx, cPanel control panels is also there but you will have to pay extra for this. This you will be able to do through the control panel.

Liquidweb Features

Whopping 32 GB of RAM and 3.9 GHz processor with a 4 CPU core that is right from the start is an added advantage of the Liquid Web dedicated hosting. there is another option of upgrading the disk space that you can increase as and when required.

This is one of the nicest options that is provided by Liquid Web. One also gets single dedicated IP and this i9s at the cheapest price possible. Being said that, it is also true that there is a limited of a 5 TB of bandwidth for the data transfers. Ut this is usually enough for most of the businesses.

The SSH access and root, also the real-time monitoring is one of the best options provided by Liquid Web. Other options that one gets are the standard DDoS protection software RAID 1 and that is with 1 TB single SARA HDD backup drive.

And the best part is that all this is included in the plan. Liquidweb is among the best web hosting provider with efficient DDOS protection to their clients

There is also an added benefit that is, Cloudflare CDN add-on that helps in boosting your content and its delivery speed that plays a prominent role in bringing back or returning the visitors to your website.

Support Service of Liquidweb

Their support system is very efficient where they offer 24/7 call and chat support and this comes with every plan. Liquid Web offers a 59-second initial response and in this, the user can reach out to the assistance.

The support system helps one understand in detail what are their dedicated hosting plans, their services, etc. they sometimes also suggest which hosting will suit for specific users. Liquid Web has its support system in a proper place where they are efficient and quick.

Liquidweb Pricing Plans

Liquid Web has its payment as $199/month. With this plan, they are the best dedicated server hosting companies in the market. This is a value for money service. The kinds of services, features, and support facilities that we get for this plan are quite interesting.

Liquidweb Pricing and Plans

They do not have an annual payment option; they only go with the monthly plans. There are also some lowest price plans but that are the core managed or the unmanaged plans. For this, you will have to make a monthly payment of $35/month.

This is for cPanel license, this also makes the monthly payment a bit expensive. The plans that are with Liquid Web are the ones that come with an uptime guarantee of 100%. There is no money-back guarantee all the time.

Liquid Web is the one dedicated hoisting that you would want to go for a better and faster experience. And it will keep your website and the information on it very safe.

InMotion Hosting: 

InMotion Hosting is known as the dedicated servers with extra security.

Inmotion Hosting - Dedicated Server

  • InMotion hosting has a great loading time that is about ~460 ms. This makes the loading better and eventually makes the visitor experience better.
  • InMotion Hosting offers a free cPanel and also WHM. This is a nice thing that one gets in the same package.
  • There is a nice thing that one gets with InMotion hosting that is, they offer free AutoSSL and APF firewall that security reasons. And also makes the usage easy.
  • InMotion comes with the software RAID.
  • Their customer support is good and up to date. They have a 24/7 really good customer support.
  • InMotion hosting is a few of those dedicated hosting that comes with a 30-day full money-back system that is with a guarantee. This makes more people look into the InMotion hosting when they are thinking of moving to the dedicated hosting.
  • Being said all that there are few aspects that one needs to see before moving to the InMotion hosting, such as their data centers are only in the US and they also have limited bandwidth.

One reason why you would think of moving to the InMotion hosting is because of its layers of security. InMotion hosting is one of those few dedicated hostings that comes with several extra layers of security.

Having these extra layers of security helps us to get rid of all the malware and viruses. These layers are prominently placed or inbuilt in the InMotion hosting to help to website. These make the website fight against malware. And the best thing here is, this is included in the plan only. That means the user does not have to spend extra on the security software.

The reason why InMotion hosting is considered as the Best Dedicated Server In 2023 is that it has excellent performance and has some amazing features. All this is again included in the same plan.

As we have already read that their servers are located out of the US. With various features that this dedicated hosting gives, it makes the customization of the website very easy. Their uptime is perfect and is at top-notch. They are known for their highly efficient systems and high performance.

As we have already seen that their speed is at an average of ~460 ms. They have a near-perfect 99.98% of uptime. If we try to look into the stats of InMotion hosting, we will see that in the tested hosting plans, the InMotion VPS functions very smoothly. Hence giving a nice website creation and execution experience to the user.

Their configuration is only the Linux server configuration. Being said that, it is also true that they have a free cPanel and also a WHM and that is what makes a deal fair and economical and also beneficial. They have a very unique server that helps you make the functions easy.

Rather than just spending hours in development, you can use that time for other aspects of website creation. This feature of this dedicated hosting does not keep your servers up running all the time. This saves so much space and even the time that you can utilize to do something else.

The dedicated hosting that is, InMotion hosting plans start at a very reasonable rate that is 8 GB of RAM and a very decent 3.50 GHz processor that comes with 4 CPU cores. This dedicated hosting is the best dedicated hosting providers because it gives its users the option to choose between the SSD and the HDD disks that are with 500 GB and with 1 TB of space accordingly.

If you are someone who does not need that much of space, you can go with the SSD option that is available with the InMotion hosting that is responsible for higher performance. Other than all this one also gets the 5 dedicated IP addresses and they are all at the cheapest plans and prices available. But being said that, it is also true that this is also limited to the 6 TB of bandwidth.

Other than free cPanel access as an advantage, the user also gets a standard root and also SSH access. This also comes with DDoS protection and also one gets the RAID software.

There are also some additional benefits such as free AutoSSL. This dedicated server also comes with a preloaded APF that is the firewall and this helps the user to fight against different kinds of hazards.

The one feature of InMotion hosting that makes it the best dedicated server hosting provider is that they have this auto-update option with the help of which this dedicated server goes on auto-update and that manages the server plans well and organized.

The pricing of this dedicated server starts from $115.69/month that comes with a monthly commitment. There is also another plan that comes as $146.59/month if the user is okay with making the payments monthly.

They also have a 30 days money back feature that is guaranteed.

A2 Hosting: Best for its customer service.

A2 Hosting - Dedicated Server Hosting

  • A2 Hosting comes with a proper anytime money refund policy. They have this feature of giving back the money if the user if not happy with the dedicated server. This process takes up to 30 days.
  • They have very well responsive customer service and that is something that they are known for. They are rated at the top level for their customer service in the levels of dedicated servers.
  • The relative access to the RAM and storage is really good in the A2 hosting.
  • They are known for their unmanaged server options.

There is one added advantage of A2 hosting that makes it the best dedicated hosting provider and that is they have their data centers in the US, the EU, and Asia. The pricing is comparatively beneficial compared to most of the dedicated hosting.

A2Hosting - Plans and Pricing

Their costing is from $141.09 that can also go up to $290.49 per month. The supported standard of A2 hosting is 24/7. Their efficient customer support makes it easy for users to operate this dedicated server.

The users can reach them through phone, text, skype, mail, or any other medium. The highly knowledgeable staff or the executive actually helps in solving any issue quickly. That is why they are known for their best customer support.

A2 Hosting comes with RAID 1 storage. The added feature that comes with A2 hosting is the Cloudflare CDN. They also have a 24/7 monitoring service. They are known for their free site migration that comes with A2 hosting.

These are the features that make A2 hosting the best dedicated server hosting provider. Their features are their best ones that give them an upper hand over the other dedicated hosting companies. This makes them the best dedicated server hosting in 2023.

Their uptime is almost perfect being 99.99% and the downtime being only 4 minutes. They come with a Linux configured server and the best thing with this dedicated server is that they give their user the choice of selecting their operating system.

A2 Hosting is known for its reliability and its high-speed hosting service that they offer. The top performance of any website is purely on the customization options and the apt information that is there on the website. This is made available with the A2 hosting. There are plenty of useful features that the user can use to make their website highly efficient.

The A2 hosting comes with 8 GB RAM. Only 3.1 GHz processor that is with 2 CPU cores. The user also gets 1 TB of HDD disk space. This also comes with 2 dedicated IP addresses. But this comes with a limited 10 TB of bandwidth. The main feature here is SSH access and DDoS protection, RAID 1 storage that helps in the backup.

These are the best-dedicated servers of 2023. I hope this will help you build your best website and business without any issue

The question that mostly arises in front of people here is, what is dedicated hosting? We have heard people speak of different kinds of websites. Now it is time to hear something about dedicated hosting. Here we will also see if dedicated hosting is needed. Also, if it is important to have best-dedicated web hosting.

About Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Come let’s see what hosting is. Hosting is like you rent a part virtually of the internet for your website. It’s something like, you take a small space of the internet to host or keep your website. There are various options available to do this.

You can either pay some amount or think of a minimal budget alternative. The cheap option that is present is shared hosting. Most of them use this, but someone who has a very high chance and has a big plan of expansion, etc certainly goes for dedicated hosting.

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If you want to know what shared hosting in common terms is, imagine that you have been living in a rented room and you are sharing with someone. After a point in time, you realize that you are not that comfortable sharing the space with someone else and you need more room.

That is when you decide on having a space of your own. This is exactly what happens in shared hosting. after a point in time, you realize that the space that you are sharing or the shared hosting is not enough for you. And that is when you think of moving to dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting in simple words is something like a plot or a property that you can call your own. This is going to charge you a bit but then, that becomes your own space. Your personally owned space. And this is the reason why people don’t think much about moving to dedicated web hosting.

But have dedicated hosting gives you leverage over the shared hosting. You are free to make any changes or even customize your space. That’s the fun of having a dedicated hosting from the best dedicated server provider.

Why do you need dedicated hosting?

There are multiple advantages to having a dedicated hosting. Some of them are like you can have a site that loads faster, it gives you the best experience, your site loads faster and very minimal or no error messages. Now imagine that you need a small space on the internet or you have a very small site.

In such a case, you can think of a VPS hosting for a very small time. Later when you think of growing your site, you can move to a best dedicated hosting. Upgrading works best for you when you think of having an ease website.

Being said that, it’s also true that the dedicated hosting is somewhat similar to the Virtual Private Server also called VPS. Although they are similar in functions, there are some major differences between the VPS and the dedicated hosting that one needs to know before choosing to select either of them.

The main difference is that the dedicated servers do get more access to the RAM when it is compared to the VPS servers. There is another major difference between the two that is, the dedicated servers give one the freedom to customize their website as the servers are isolated from each other in the dedicated hosting. there are several other benefits such as full access or full control, total privacy, etc.

Dedicated hosting also helps you with several resources or features that are purely subjected to the kind of plan one uses. One best option that dedicated hosting gives its users are, it is nice to have dedicated hosting because it helps in keeping the website safe and predictable. Come let’s see some of the best-dedicated server hosting companies.

Now think you have decided to move or upgrade to the dedicated server or the desiccated hosting. now the next big question in front of you is, which dedicated hosting to choose from. Read the article to know the best-dedicated server provider. 


Today there are many options when we look at dedicated servers. Now it becomes very important for one to pick a dedicated server that meets all needs and as well as something that fits into a plan that is economical. Here in this article, you will understand what is that you have to look at when deciding to buy a dedicated server.

In this article, we have categorized the top three best-dedicated servers in 2023. Here we believe that you now have a clearer picture of which dedicated server to choose. Now go ahead and make a choice between the three that is, Liquid Web, InMotion Hosting, and A2 Hosting.

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