The Best Ghost Blog Hosting Reviews in 2023


The ghost blogging platform is one of the best headless CMS applications that allow you to create your website, design the template, publish the posts, and send formatted e-mails & newsletters.

Ghost Hosting offers effective options that allow you to have premium subscriptions for your blog, helps in creating a sustainable atmosphere around, and supports creativity as a part of business strategy.

Best Ghost Blog Hosting

Ghost 4.0 is the best and the most flexible headless CMS platform that certainly enhances performance.

The Ghost blogging offers an excellent opportunity to the bloggers to develop the content without any restriction and to display it on any of the devices that support Al-enabled voice-assistance, wearable, and virtual reality

Ghost Blog Hosting is to be considered with the following given options:

The various other web hosting & VPS hosting companies have offered the best of Ghost hosting and Ghost VPS Hosting options at affordable cost. Some of the highly popular hosting service providers offer the best of Ghost hosting, Ghost blogging, and other related services.

Let us discuss the Ghost hosting features in brief.

A2 Hosting – Recommended Ghost Blog Hosting

A2Hosting offers the best Ghost VPS Hosting solutions that are fine-tuned, high speed, and in form of tailored packages as per the needs.

A2 Hosting - Best Ghost Hosting

It offers Ghost as a blogging platform along with the best VPS hosting solutions. It offers the services of Turbo servers that are 20 times faster.

Liquid Web – Best Managed Ghost Hosting

Liquid Web is highly specialized in offering the best managed Ghost Hosting solutions to users worldwide.

The most useful customized solutions are engineered as per the increasing demand for Ghost hosting that comes with customized designs and multi-server services.

Hostgator – Best Ghost VPS Hosting

The Ghost website has become part of business as well as a passion for the users. Hostgator offers best-suited Ghost VPS Hosting plans for Ghost hosting solutions.

The plans and packages offered along with well-suited services, higher speed, and customized utilities are most appropriate in Ghost blogging also.

Cloudways – Managed Cloud Ghost Hosting

Cloudways has offered to host services for several companies and it provides various customized plans to meet the customer needs.

Also Managed Ghost Hosting is highly preferred among the users, bloggers, and businessmen. Cloudways offers complete support to the Ghost – the fastest blogging platform.

Traditional CMS platform & Headless CMS

The traditional CMS platforms such as WordPress & Sitecore are designed to manage the various elements such as text, images, animations, videos that are used as a part of the website. The CMS helps in web development and it offers a conventional approach to handling content, images along with HTML & CSS for the website.

The content of the website merges with code and it is not reusable. It is required to have a more flexible solution that can help in websites, mobile sites, various apps, digital displays, various interfaces, and advanced techniques.

The existing CMS has failed to offer the required agility and a more advanced CMS becomes the need of the hour. And the headless CMS offers complete support as needed.

The architecture of Headless CMS is mainly used in Ghost Blog Hosting that basically separates front-end functions from back-end functions.

The back-end functions are mainly involved in creating meaningful content, managing the content, and storing the data safely. The front–end functions are mainly involved in presenting the content and delivering the content in form of text, images, animations, or videos perfectly well.

How does Headless CMS work?

Headless architecture offers higher flexibility and better presentation options that can be suitably fit for all types of digital experiences of the present and future.

Headless CMS doesn’t have any restrictions while delivering the content. Normal CMS delivers the content mostly by using websites, web pages, and through the browsers but Headless CMS supports all types of content and all forms of devices such as smartphones, smart devices like Al-enabled voice-assistance, wearable, and headsets with virtual reality.

Headless CMS structural design not only take the challenges of addressing various contents but also creates various ways to manage and present the content in the most suitable form using the advanced device.

Ghost Platform is one of the most reliable headless CMS that remains agnostic in its working while dealing with websites and other various frameworks.

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It has an interchangeable front-end that is flexible and offers multiple options. Ghost can be used like a traditional CMS as well as headless CMS.

Ghost CMS is mainly built as an open-source system with professionally built and well-supported by stack supported modern Node.js technology that offers higher flexibility, better performance, and powerful architecture.

The main features of the Best Hosting for Ghost Blog are discussed in details below:

Ghost – Headless CMS

Ghost is an open-source headless CMS, mainly used to overcome the limits of traditional CMS and its functionalities. It offers more control over digital processing with elevated flexibility.

It helps to streamline the entire digital process and offers a better experience to the customers while dealing with devices with advanced technologies.

Ghost Blogging – Works faster

Ghost blogging is powered by the latest stack technology that uses Node.js and it makes Ghost blogging faster in processing while in use. According to the tests that are performed to find the processing speed of Ghost, it is clear that Ghost is approximate, 1,900% faster than the ordinary CMS like WordPress.

Future of Headless CMS

The headless CMS is the future for sure. Ghost CMS will help us to move away from traditional CMS which is supported by API-driven and database-driven features.

But as more and more devices are used by the consumers that are highly advanced than before, the CMS system should also be stronger while supporting the latest technology and offering a unique experience to the customers.

Headless CMS is certainly the future for upcoming technological advancements and supporting smart devices like Al-enabled, wearable, and relating to virtual reality.

What is the need for headless CMS?

For the bloggers and content writers – the non-technical users – find the headless CMS system highly useful and very effective in usage. It works as a seamless system without any barriers.

But the traditional CMS is cumbersome to use because, to develop such a platform, the developers need to spend more time in creating custom workouts and allowing the content to be displayed in a proper presentation in order to display the content on various devices.

The developers have to work on the front-end and well as on the back-end combining the processes to get better results. The Best Hosting for Ghost Blog will be part of the future.

Types of headless CMSs

Decoupled CMSs:

Decoupled CMS splits the front and back end tasks and easily designs the process using the code. It can also allow you to design it in the preferred language.

There will be no restriction in connecting back-end technologies with front-end processes making the design seamless.

The developers can make use of application programming interfaces (APIs) that can connect back and front ends without any issue and helps the processes to work smoothly.

API-first CMSs:

The CMSs that are also called s API-first CMSs are similar to headless CMSs without any front-end restrictions. It can allow you to have as many layers of processes that can help in delivering digital results in whichever languages as possible and the content will be displayed on various advanced channels.

Both the headless CMSs are highly useful and the team of developers will love to use them while managing the content and the API-first headless CMS will call API to design the front end layer and the digital display will be performed on the layer developed.

Decoupled CMSs are mainly useful for companies and business houses, where higher flexibility is needed while handling front and back ends and needs support while publishing the result.

The advantages of headless CMS:

Headless CMS helps in designing the content sophistically well and as per the growing expectations of the users. The Ghost blog Hosting offers meaningful and interactive content and it can be displayed in the most meaningful format on the technologically advanced setup for display.

Comparison between Ghost & WordPress:

You will be wondering about the two CMS platforms –

WordPress is considered to be the highly popular CMS application that has helped millions of users around the world in creating the content in various ways and to present it in a stylish and well-designed format such as websites and blogs.

Ghost CMS is the headless open-source CMS that has far more options and more power to deal with the content and more options to present the content in technically smarter devices of a newer generation.

Now let’s discuss in details these various platforms:

What is Ghost hosting & blogging?

Ghost CMS  is an open-source application that helps in creating online blogs or a publication tool that is getting popular among freelance writers, content designers, and journalists all over the world.

The open-source platform Ghost came into existence, only to overcome the complexity of WordPress. WordPress is a CMS platform that works as a blog post also.

The Ghost CMS the open-source application came into existence and in the year 2013, the first public version of Ghost was released and offers the Ghost Hosting services.

The main features of Ghost CMS:

  • Ghost CMS is an open-source system.
  • Managed Ghost Hosting works at a higher speed and allows quicker loading time, uses high-quality images & animations, and supports the devices supporting smart technology.
  • It is a headless content management system that offers the most modern techniques and a user-friendly approach.
  • Ghost CMS is very flexible to use and highly secured.
  • The extensible rich editor offers advanced features such as adding images, embedding videos, markdown options, and supporting HTML.
  •  You can create dedicated public user profiles that can allow you to collaborate with the team members.
  • It also offers various options of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Ghost blogging allows you to use various forms, such as submission form, registration form, membership management form, subscription form, payment form, and also various types of newsletters.
  • The AMP support offered helps you to have a higher ranking in Google search using mobile.
  • The JSON API helps you to have complete control over the data.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress has come into the existence in the year 2003. It is an open-source CMS that is used for creating websites and blog sites.

WordPress is mainly written in PHP which is an advantage for PHP developers but it can be also used by users who don’t have development or coding skills.

WordPress offers effective management tools that allow a user to create his own design and layout for web pages and websites efficiently using HTML, CSS, and PHP.

The two main options of WordPress are and For a user having limited designing & development skills, will help to choose the template and publish your website quickly.

But for the developers with higher designing & development skills, offers complete control of designing and self-hosting the website.

The main features of WordPress:

  • WordPress is an open-source CMS and also it is available freely.
  • It allows you to create & host websites or blogs easily and quickly.
  • It offers simple to use site management tools.
  • It allows creating content with the help of text, images, animations, and also videos.
  • It offers free as well as premium themes along with templates for creating web pages and websites.
  • It has a vast set of plugins that can support advanced functionalities.
  • WordPress also offers community support which is vast and worldwide.

Find more about WordPress here –

Why compare headless CMS Ghost with WordPress?

Both are open-source CMS applications having identical characteristics. Both platforms offer techniques to design the content and to publish it in stylish formats.

Yet Ghost is compared with WordPress because Ghost blogging is considered to be the most suitable alternative for WordPress. Ghost is simple, smart, and highly flexible when compared with WordPress.

What is the difference between these two platforms Ghost & WordPress?

Let us discuss the main differences between Ghost & WordPress.

  • WordPress was written mainly in PHP and Ghost is written in Node.js.
  • Ghost supports the creation of content in form of posts and WordPress is mainly used for hosting websites & blogs.
  • Ghost has in-built functionalities supporting SEO and social media whereas WordPress offers additional plugins, need to be installed.
  • Ghost remains faster because of many in-built features but WordPress gets slower as more plugins are installed.
  • WordPress has a larger community and help can be offered instantly, when required but Ghost doesn’t offer instant help as the community is much smaller.
  • WordPress is easily customizable and offers more options for themes and plugins than Ghost.
  • Ghost Blog Hosting offers Markdown support which is not available in WordPress.
  • WordPress is a CMS cum blog post that is more popular than Ghost blogging.

Features of Ghost Blog Hosting Platform: 

The Best Hosting for Ghost Blog is a highly useful platform that allows you to create content and publish accordingly. You have options to customize your Ghost blog as per your needs.

  • Meaningful content:

Ghost VPS Hosting offers several options and flexible ways to create and embed the content that you create. It offers you complete freedom to create your content in the form of text, images, animations, or videos.

You can make use of videos from YouTube, music from Spotify, tweets, podcasts and make your content rich and meaningful. It also offers easy editing techniques that make your work easy and saves your time too.

  • Content publishing schedule:

The content creation is allowed to be done with the help of advanced features available and the options given. The content can be published on your blog as per the schedule. The content gets published regularly on a daily or weekly basis as per the content publishing schedule that you decide.

  • Custom domain

Managed Ghost Hosting can be defined according to the custom domain name that you choose & decided to use. Once you choose and register the domain name for your blog then the secure SSL connection is made available and your blog site will be ready with a new address.

  • Mobile friendly

Ghost blogging offers a responsive design for the blogs and it allows your blog to be displayed on any device such as mobile, laptop, tablet, or desktop perfectly well. Your readers will be happy to read your blog’s various devices such as Al-enabled voice-assistance, headsets with virtual reality & wearable devices.

  • Support for static pages

Ghost not only publishes your blogs on your blog site but is also used for displaying static pages along with the blog. The static pages display information in form of text and images such as personal form or contact details. Ghost Hosting allows static pages to be easily navigated as a part of the blog.

  • Readymade themes

Ghost blog can be designed with the help of readymade templates and hundreds of elegantly designed themes can be used. Most of the themes are mainly designed by authors around the world and are available for you to use it in your blog as per your preferences and likings.

Free themes are also available in the Ghost VPS Hosting. Once you subscribe, you will get premium themes for your blog.

  • Team accounts

Ghost blog can be managed by a team of people. Every member of your team can get a role and can perform the assigned tasks. The team members can be authors, editors, admin, designers, etc. while deciding the layout and design of the Managed Ghost Hosting.

  • Security offered

The security aspect plays an important role in Ghost blogging. The connection to the digital-press should be certified by SSL. The blog should be well-protected by a firewall and spam should be avoided.

  • Automatic backups

The data posted on the Ghost blog remains safe and regular backup will be taken from time to time. The data can be easily recovered to get back your Ghost blog online again.

  • Customize domain name

You can get the best and the most suitable domain name for your Ghost Blog Hosting. After creating the Ghost blog, you can change the name of your blog site by using a few simple options and clicks.

  • Design the theme

You can create your themes and use the themes on the Ghost blogs. All the customized options can be easily available to the themes you design. The customized themes can be easily uploaded and activate. Your themes can also be used for paid subscriptions for the Ghost Blog.

  • Availability of free themes

Each Ghost blog defined gets few themes freely to be used while designing the blog. The subscriptions once paid allow additional premium themes to be used.


Ghost Hosting is a professionally designed open-source headless CMS platform and it is getting popular among bloggers. The ghost blog is designed, mainly to overcome the challenges faced by the traditional CMSs platforms, while managing web hosting.

It either gets slower, under increasing functionalities, and also couldn’t display the results digitally on various advanced display devices, that are technically advanced.

Ghost blogging also offers a wide range of features that support the users and organizations to create significant content without much effort and have perfect digital display using smart devices. Ghost blogging has made blogging easier and highly commendable for users, bloggers, and businessmen.

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