3 Best Odoo Web Hosting Provider in 2023


Are you looking to find the best Odoo Web Hosting Providers in 2023? Well, you have come to just the right place for it.  Here, In this article, we will let you know everything you need to know to choose the best Odoo hosting.

Additionally, we will also provide a piece of detailed information on the requirement of Odoo hosting and a brief introduction about the Odoo as an ERP solution and what things you should consider before buying Odoo web hosting in 2021

Best Odoo Hosting

Odoo refers to On-demand Open Project which comprises various business-related modules including CRM, sales management, eCommerce, etc.

Odoo is one of the largest all in one management software which includes a host of business apps for eCommerce, project management or so. As said earlier, odoo comprises a host of applications and usually runs through an application server.

3 Best Odoo Hosting In 2023

  1. SoladriveBest Host for Oddo
  2. Liquidwebbest performance globally, but a bit pricey
  3. A2HostingHighly Recommended With Good Budget

What is Odoo Web Host?

This is a question that has been bothering many users. In fact, the web has become a popular medium for advertising and marketing. The number of internet users has increased phenomenally in recent years. There have been millions who have come online to explore the internet.

As a result of this huge increase in traffic, it has become important to cater to the needs of the increasing number of Odoo users. Users now find it difficult to accommodate the growing number of sites on their own.

To address this issue, there is the concept of Oddo web hosting or renting web space from a hosting provider that provides support to Oddo applications. An individual who seeks a cloud platform.

Odoo web hosting offers an easy to deploy one-click Odoo solution for all your business needs. Odoo VPS hosting offers exclusive features such as full root access to your VPS that gives you control and manage everything on the server to implement Odoo.

Let’s get to know in detail about the Best Odoo Web Hosting Providers in 2023

#1. Soladrive: Best Host for Oddo ($55 per month)

SolaDrive is a well-known web hosting provider based in America with headquarters in Buffalo USA. SolaDrive particularly specializes in Odoo hosting solutions with help of support engineers and developers who are willing to help users with Oddo issues, requirements, and brilliant support.

SolaDrive Odoo Hosting

Soladrive Managed odoo hosting is one among the very few web hosts that offer their services with Odoo hosting and management. Their staff is well acquainted with Odoo also the in-house Odoo developers help users with custom development, debugging, or issues.

For Oddo VPS hosting, It is a perfect place to host ERP and CRM to run your business. SolaDrive hosting basic plan starts at $55/month. The entry-level plan helps you test the server completely for a few days and may upgrade if you require any extra charges.

Salient Features of SolaDrive Odoo web hosting

  • Has odoo experts and developers
  • Odoo community or enterprise
  • Supports Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows Odoo
  • Free migration of your Odoo instance
  • Custom Odoo server solutions
  • Highly optimized servers for Odoo
  • All-time monitoring with the response to Odoo
  • Free daily backups
  • In-house Odoo developers to counter different software issues, customization, or development requests.

SolaDrive includes some of the most important aspects of Odoo web hosting. First-of-all SoloDrive is a fully managed hosting which means there shall be Odoo specialists to look after things such as migration, setup, resolving performance issues, errors, and much more.

Second, the SolaDrive with Pro-Active monitoring to safeguard your server against any mishaps. Third, a handful of professionals of experts & developers are available round the clock 24×7 2365 days in the year to help fix issues immediately.

Soladrive has highly optimized servers for deploying pre-configured PostgreSQL, Oddo settings, and configuration. Auto SSL and Nginx are available too. Fourth, Solodrive takes regular backups for all VPS users on different servers.

Soladrive Managed odoo hosting is fully managed with Odoo specialists in hand gives you an extra edge over the migration of your existing Odoo website, issues, addons, and technical errors.

Soladrive encompasses real-time monitoring with people on board who can carry their 100% server and network uptime SLA guarantee. Also, the web hosting gives you the opportunity to upgrade with their plans anytime, anywhere without any significant downtime.

Soladrive Managed Odoo VPS uses enterprise grade super micro hardware to ascertain the highest level of server reliability and on par performance.

Visit SolaDrive

#2. A2Hosting: Recommended With Good Budget ($4.99 /mo)

Why choose A2host? A faster ERP means that your team can more effectively communicate and work together more effectively. Why not take the best Odoo Hosting service provider?

That is A2 Hosting! You can install Odoo onto a high-performance Swift Enterprises serveA2Hosting odoor. You can also select Turbo Servers for as much as 20X faster page downloads than other Odoo hosts.


A faster web hosting gives you an extra edge over ordinary web hosting. A2hosting supports Odoo installation on their high-performance servers called as SwiftServer platform.

A2hosting is one of the best Managed Odoo VPS that offers Turbo Servers for up to 20x faster page loads compared with the counterparts.

A2hosting gives you exceptional power packed servers despite its lack of recognition. Over the period of 20 years or more A2hosting independently established itself as a reputable and reliable hosting solution for websites.

A2host strong uptime and customer team support is one of the highlighted parts of web hosting. If you are looking for fast Oddo VPS hosting then a2 hosting can be the best place to host your site.

Salient Features of A2hosting

  • Ultra-fast speed
  • Great customer support
  • Enhanced security
  • Tools for developers
  • Free site migrations
  • Environment friendly
  • Uptime
  • Plan restrictions

A2hosting Odoo Web hosting plans

A2hosting has some great Odoo shared hosting plans in the market today. The plans are structured to offer plenty of benefits. A2Hosting is delivering the utmost performance. A2hosting basic Odoo shared hosting plan starts with $3 per month. A startup package is the best solution for a single website.

For those who want the fastest hosting for Odoo websites then A2hosting Turbo Boost plans are made for you. Since startup and drive plans are best on the market. And it would certainly help you get as fast as it gets.

A2hosting turbo servers are better optimized than competitors shared hosting services. The reason turbo servers are way up is simple. A2hosting allocates more resources per user and fewer resources per person for the sites on this shared plan.

Fastest Managed Odoo web hosting – A2Hosting

It is quite possible that some of you may be using other open-source web hosting solutions that don’t come with a strong technical support system.

It is also quite possible that you don’t have the technical skills to troubleshoot problems with your new software application.

The best solution for Odoo for you will depend on your exact requirements. A2hosting is a fast, reliable, and affordable web hosting for the Odoo ERP system. Strong support, reliable service, and 20x faster server help people who require powerful servers.

Visit A2Hosting

#3. Liquidweb – Starts at ($15/mo)

Choosing a perfect hosting environment for Odoo definitely makes some great benefits. Since you have the benefits of choosing the best hosting which is easy to set up and maintain then Liquidweb VPS has got the best features and functionalities for better workflows, reports, and processes that you would need from time to time.


Since the liquid web has no shared hosting packages and only operates in VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting without the dedicated-server price tag.

Manage your own web hosting with Liquidweb VPS. Know how to set up a liquidweb VPS with ease. Being an internet marketer, you know how expensive it can be to rent a dedicated server or buy your own hardware and software.

As a small business owner, you may need to upgrade your tools in the future, and dedicated hosting may be just the thing to do. Liquidweb VPS can offer you the flexibility of Odoo VPS hosting & the security and reliability you require.

Salient Features of LiquidWeb VPS hosting

  • Control panel
  • Support cPanel/Plesk
  • Multiple Datacenters
  • Free migration
  • Optimized servers that speed up the page 10x faster
  • Free SSL
  • Load balancing capabilities

Managing your Odoo website can be easy when you use LiquidWeb VPS. You get to pay only for what you use, so you will only have to pay for what you need.

You don’t have to share your hosting, so you get more space and bandwidth for your money. You will also get customized technical support that will help you in the future. Manage your own Odoo CRM completely on your own terms.

If you are looking for affordable Odoo hosting, then look no further than a liquid web VPS hosting provider.

Liquidweb offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited servers, so you get all of your bandwidth and disk space that you need for only a one-time fee.

With Managed odoo VPS for Odoo, you get better management and monitoring from a reliable service, at a lower price. Now is the time to upgrade from a shared hosting provider to a solid and reliable Odoo hosting provider like liquidweb.

Since LiquidWeb clearly states the pricing will depend upon the number of applications and users provided to the users. You can simply browse their Managed Odoo VPS plans to start with your own.

LiquidWeb Managed Odoo VPS hosting currently running an Introductory offer with 75% Off on 12-24 months plans. LiquidWeb is fast and sometimes works better than AWS and Rackspace with a fully managed environment and reliable support makes this host completely compatible with Odoo ERP applications.

Visit Liquidweb

So, what is this concept of Odoo ERP web hosting and how to get started with it?

Odoo Online: The Simplicity

Odoo Online refers to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). This means a user can initiate a cloud instance anytime, anywhere with the help of a specialized Odoo

web hosting service that gives you complete control of your Odoo server solutions. The latter is a more attractive proposition.

This is because Odoo VPS hosting has become an extremely competitive business these days. There are numerous hosting solutions for the clients with such facilities as hardware, infrastructure, servers and it’s maintenance made up the entire ecosystem for Oddo.

Since this concept of Managed odoo hosting is a new thing, Odoo hosting provider has to be very efficient in terms of its services. This is because it has just launched and needs to be carefully evaluated.

To ensure that it will be able to sustain for a long time, the user should find out whether the host has a reputation and has all the aspects that define it to be the Best hosting for odoo.

How to Choose the Right hosting for your Odoo?

Before you choose an Odoo managed to host for all in one business management software. Due to the fact that the Odoo ERP system has different hosting types.

The most common among these is Odoo SaaS. Since Odoo SaaS is adopted as a means to manage by a single person.

The best way to use this to find an Odoo hosting provider. Some of the things that need to be considered include the bandwidth, number of servers, and security features. One should also be provided with technical support when in need. It helps if the company hires an experienced person to take care of all these aspects.

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The emergence of many online business services has made it imperative for every business to look for the best odoo hosting available in the market. There are many solutions available, and each has its own features as well as benefits that customers must consider.

In order to find the right Best odoo hosting, it is important for webmasters to look for a host that can deliver affordable services while still ensuring that their websites are properly hosted.

Below are some points that should be considered while looking for an affordable web hosting solution:

What is the scope of services offered by the odoo web hosting?

Before committing to any host, it is important to make sure that it offers web solutions that are wide enough in scope. Considering Oddo server solutions, easy deployment should be the main concern next, is the amount of bandwidth and disk space, hence it is important to make sure that the host can meet the requirements of different types of ERP.

Some hosts may offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space for a set monthly fee while other may charge per GB of data used. It is important to choose a host that can cater to all your needs while at the same time remain competitive. Thus, it is important to take a glimpse of various types of plans before deciding on a particular host.

What is the security provided by the Odoo host?

Security is an important factor for every ERP application. Hence, it is important to find out if the server used by the host allows access to databases and other sensitive information.

In addition, the security system offered by the Odoo Host must also be able to protect confidential data from attacks by hackers. Thus, it is important to inquire about security measures that are offered by the host in order to ensure that confidential data is not compromised.

How easy is it to contact the Odoo host?

An Odoo web hosting should give priority to the technical support team when problems occur. Therefore, it is important to inquire about how easily you can get in touch with the support team of the host to resolve any issues related to your Odoo web site.

Is the host fast in responding to customer emails and support calls?

Technical support staff must be able to respond to emails within a very short period. It is also important to inquire about the number of customers the host has served and the satisfaction level as well as the frequency with which support issues are resolved.

The level of customer service provided by the host is also an important consideration. The ability of the host to resolve issues quickly despite a busy server is an indicator of efficiency and competence.

Before finalizing on a web hosting provider for your Odoo site, make sure to study the market trends and search for Odoo Managed VPS hosting that can provide affordable as well as quality service. This will help you get the best hosting solution for your Odoo site.

You can do this by reading customer testimonials or browsing through online discussion boards. You can also talk to other owners of Odoo web sites and get first-hand information. The bottom line is that you need to look for web hosting solutions that not only fulfill the requirements of your website but also give you affordable services.

Odoo Hosting offers reliable and trustworthy servers compared to shared hosting which is considered to be the worst choice to deploy Odoo. You can avail of Odoo compatible VPS hosting for a year based plan with unlimited disk space, or ram, root access, emails, windows, Apache, MySQL, and more.

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These Odoo managed hosting has highly efficient servers for its customers with low prices. The features include database backup, uptime guarantee, domain name, one-click website builder, one-click website hosting, site generator, SSL, FTP, MySQL, and more. To know more about Odoo, visit their official website at the links below.

Currently, there are two distinct hosting plans for Odoo: Self-Hosting (On-premises), Managed Odoo Hosting.

Since Self Hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages and may come cheaper compared to managed Odoo hosting. But with self-hosting, you are left with limited customization, difficulty in configuring Odoo custom solutions, technical issues that may arise from time to time which puts a hold on business operations.

As we know most popular is a Managed Odoo VPS hosting that simplifies the entire technical burden and gives you the opportunity to focus on the business operations rather than resolving technical issues by oneself.

This managed Odoo hosting plan comes with an easy to use interface for simple configuration and straightforward management.

The dedicated IP address support is another way to get great hosting support at affordable prices. The Oddo VPS hosting comes with unlimited ram, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain name, one-click website builder, and many more.

A managed hosting you can be confident that your web server will always be up and running. With this plan, you can be assured that your business will be always up and running. You can also be sure that your customer service is never-ending.

With dedicated IP hosting –  you can be totally relaxed about the security and performance issues with your site. With this plan, you can be assured that no one else has the same IP as yours. You can also be assured that no one will be able to access your site and disrupt your business operations.

The billing system – that is used by these Odoo compatible web hosting provider is very simple and easy to understand. With this, you will have a great time using the billing system. This also makes it easier for you to manage your money online.

You don’t have to worry about any complicated bills and fees when you are using this billing system. With this, you can be assured that you will never go wrong when it comes to your business’ financial management.

The other key feature that you must look for when it comes to Best odoo hosting – support is the satisfaction of the customer. If you are not satisfied with the services and support provided to you, then you should leave your business here. Do not risk losing all the money that you have invested in the company.

As long as you are aware of these things, you will never go wrong in choosing the Odoo hosting provider. You should only trust those companies that can provide you with great levels of service and support at an affordable price.

Conclusion on Odoo Web Hosting

Odoo is a seamless yet resource-heavy application that’s why people find it hard to pick a suitable hosting provider. In Spite of the fact that Odoo cannot be run on shared hosting due to limitations. However, with different hosting providers that bring support to compatible Odoo environments is nicely thought to keep the Odoo development going.

Since we did all the hard work for you – examined a few Odoo compatible hosting providers that promise to deliver you the utmost experience with the features and functionalities.

The next step is to purchase any one of them as required for your Odoo ERP system. The listed hosting providers have easily scalable plans built to serve different resources intensive applications.

In other words, they include a host of plans with higher requirements of an enterprise-level Odoo.

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