The Best Session Recording Tools in 2021


Are you Looking for the Best Session Recording tool in 2021? In this article, you will find detailed information on the best session recording software that will help you to know what actually your visitors are doing on the website. Their sessions will be recorded and you can play at any time and identify any issues faced by the visitors and due to this, it will help you to increase your conversion rate.

In this article, I will provide you the top 2 best session recording tools which you can trust and I am saying this because I have used both for website visitors recording.

Best Session Recording Tools

Both provide the free accounts for the website owner who has less traffic, but if you are having higher traffic or you are into an e-commerce business, With this tool, you can solve your customer’s problems, find answers about how your product is used, and optimize the overall experience in your web application.

I will recommend you go for a Free plan to get well versed with the tool and if you think it helps your business then go with the Paid Plan.

 Let’s see the Best Session Recording Tools in 2021


Smartlook is one of the useful responsive session recording tools that offers qualitative analysis in terms of activities and behavior of the visitors who have visited the website.

It supports all types of devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones and it can be effectively used for more than 200,000 various business and industrial operations.

Smartlook offers useful features such as tracking the user activities on the website, understanding and analyzing the actions, manners, and the conduct of the user.


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Smartlook helps you to understand the user mindset at the micro-level and it helps in finding more about the visitors, their specific activities, and the overall behavior. Every user-action is tracked and recorded.

The entire user-information in terms of user-activities is stored and the mass data is used in developing better features and facilities to have useful interaction with the users.

It helps in resolving the churning issues of the people and allows Heatmaps for the websites are based on user-interactions such as click, scroll, hover, enter & other actions that are recorded during website visitors recording process.

Smartlook enhances the interactions with the visitors of the website. It offers a positive change in the business activities.

Features of Smartlook – Why it is Best Session Recording Tools?

Smartlook is a session recording software that works efficiently on all types of devices and offers a complete understanding of various businesses, commercial and industrial activities. The application has user-friendly options. It is easy to use and to get support for different types of user interactions.

The recordings of the visitor interactions with the website are recorded and it helps in keeping the track of every action of the visitor and it helps in understanding the visitor mindset and the behavior. It has a number of features but the main four features are:

Visitor recording option

It is a part of the website visitor’s recording interaction. While visitors visit the website and connect themselves to the web pages. Every click or scroll that a visitor does tell us about how far is the visitor interested in the webpage and in the given content

It helps to know about the emotional feelings of the visitor. If the visitor is satisfied or confused, happy, or angry during the time when he remains active on the website will come to know. The impact of visitor churning makes it easy to understand visitor behavior and it helps in improving the website and the services offered.

Event tracking option

The analytical engine of the Smartlook application works effectively when it interacts with the customized events and the various functions. The events help in tracking various interactions between the visitor and the content available on the web pages. The specific events can be arranged based on the availability of the content.

Custom events and the properties provide better relations between the visitors and the incidents that have become part of the communication network between the visitor and the website.  Some of the events are repeated by Smartlook which is one of the highly useful best session replay tools.


It is one of the best features of Smartlook. The heatmaps option is a visual representation of the visitor’s data. The aggregated data is used to find irregular changes in the data and its impact on the website. The online visitor’s recording is tracked and based on the data Heatmaps generates the flow of activities and the interaction with the customized events.

The visual display of Heatmaps is easy to understand when compared with Google Analytical exports. The types of Heatmaps are Click heatmap which indicates the action click, Move heatmap shows the mouse movements and the Scroll heatmap displays the scrolling events.


Funnels are part of session recording tools. It is a part of the most common quantitative analytics that compiles the series of steps of the visitors while interacting with the website. Every click or scroll will become part of the Funnel. It keeps track of every action and event.

Funnels are highly effective in dealing with the interactions between the visitors and web pages. It helps in finding the reasons for irregular actions and incomplete processes done by the visitors. Funnels help to find out the probable reasons that make the visitors leave the websites abruptly.

The funnels can be created for web pages and for the various events. Funnels are used to track various processes and to manage visitor interactions.


Smartlook segment integration helps the visitors to make use of various Smartlook snippets and it allows the data collection and recording activities to work effectively.

When the users choose integration from the catalog and make use of Smartlook API, then it allows all the actions in the sequence to be sent directly to the Smartlook.

It enables users to understand the process and the specific events clearly. In order to make use of the integration option, activate the Integration tab from the Account section. The Smartlook app should authorize the integration to be used.

Pricing and Plans

There are several plans available to buy one of the best session replay tools called Smartlook. But for the beginners, the best offer is the robust free plan which is available for any 2 members for an unlimited period of time. You can have more than 100,000 visits per month along with many other features.

The availability of various packages and the plans are suitable for small and limited business operations.

The other two low-cost plans are also useful for business activities and for customized industrial procedures. The plan can offer advanced features and extended facilities for higher prices. There are various offers to upgrade the plans of Smartlook application

It mainly depends on the business requirements. The tiered pricing package allows effortless operations and efficient transitions. Smartlook offers various packages. The basic package is free which includes 1,500 recordings per month. The Starter package is $19 /pm and the Power package is $79 /pm.

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HotJar is one of the best visitor’s screen recording tool to date. HotJar gives you a bigger picture of how you can increase the conversion and improve the overall site experience for your visitors. HotJar quick snap of how visitors seeing your site.

The most important aspect I love about HotJar is the active participation of founding members (beta tester) who used HotJar first and gave feedback.

And helped HotJar to get more polished and refined. The good point is how the company had made efforts to mention almost all of them.

HotJar comprises of a wide array of functionalities that the website owner uses to come out of more insights from their website. Let’s see them all together.

Analytics Tool: HotJar determines the visitors’ actions such as scrolling, clicking while they visit your site.

Feedback tools: Let users voice their opinions about your product and services.

The important aspect of HotJar tool is that the price of the tool is a major setback but this doesn’t lower the popularity of this screen recording tool in the market.

Besides a pricey tool is sufficient when it throws away some brilliant features (found nowhere) along with a pocket-friendly price.

How to Analyze Your Website with Hotjar?

Hotjar “Heatmaps” throws a plethora of options. Starting from a detailed analysis of the areas where visitors spend the maximum time.

If this wasn’t you asked for, then HotJar heatmaps according to the device (Desktop, Mobile, tablets) will surely impress you.

Heatmaps provided by HotJar have almost had every functionality such as clicks, tap to scrolling. HotJar definitely has more things to offer than just heatmaps. The “Recording” function is everyone’s favorite.

Also, you can see visitors live on your website and contemplate things such as visitor’s navigation patterns around your website.

The Recording function comes handy for the website owner to look at every visitors’ session as soon as they drop in on.

Begin with the clicks and observe the pattern your visitors make – also HotJar has a record and tag as an option to make even more things easier.

The tagging function is usually more convenient for the eCommerce website. Suppose a large number of visitors visiting mobile accessories purchases.

You can simply add “specific accessories recordings” to tag. Whereas other visitors on your blog can tag as blogs. This is an incredible feature that I love about. It offers me a great zeal of understanding upon the post that needs re-work.

Anyways, great things ahead: Check out great features from HotJar “Recording Option”.

  • Replay the sessions of real site visitors
  • Unlimited tagging
  • Check actions that visitors make and create a note about their actions.
  • Ability to share any recording with anyone
  • Choose recording by filtering

Next HotJar funnel is the most important that attracts me a lot. You can make use of this important feature and improve website specific spots without even letting users know about it.

You can test different forms and use them to get detailed reports such as

  • You can give visitors the required fill out to each field.
  • Get enhanced conversion rate of the form
  • Total number of form sessions
  • Graphical representations of the drop-off’s visitors
  • Greater number of failed and successful submission of the form

Yet another “Forms Feature” is an addition to HotJar that makes use of a contact form or a membership form.

Hotjar forms are without a doubt is the best option offered by HotJar. Yet another survey feature uses the defined feedback from the users.

And then select the kind of questions that you may answer.

Also, you can answers things and use survey forms such as answers, radio buttons, checkboxes, and net promoter scores.

The interface pretty convenient which will allow users to fill the form without much hassle.

The survey forms HotJar blends together with your website theme picking up good feel and look of your site.

At last the “Recruiter Feature” which allows other users “beta testers” to do the research and testing from your site. And use them to make a better form of the HotJar module.

This is a nice initiative that HotJar as a software company has taken up.

HotJar Pricing Plans

The plans are categorized into two sections.

  1. A 15-day trial on all plans
  2. The 30-day money-back guarantee plan

You can start using the HotJar free (business account) for straight 15-days and test every functionality before you move to a paid plan.

Like most peoples, the free 15-day free (Money-back guarantee) plan has lured me so much that I can’t resist for a free sign-up.

In general, HotJar includes Personal, Business and Agency plan. Each category has different plans and pricing.

Basic Plan – Plan includes 3-month data storage up to 2,000 page views each day. Features include heatmaps, polls, funnel, survey and forms with more than 300 recordings.

Plus Plan – Price of the plan is $29 per month. The plan includes an unlimited number of items, recordings and snapshots and allows data storage up to 6 months.

Business Plan – The enterprise plan starts with $89/month. The plan keeps data in storage for 1-year with an unlimited number of items, and recording and snapshots. The above plan includes 20k to 200k page views per day.

We have reached the end of the HotJar review. Hence HotJar is constantly updating the tool to come out with new features.

What is Session Recording?

The session recording tool is an online process that keeps website visitors recording of every visitor. It stores the sequence of steps systematically and uses it as a feedback for analyzing the visitor interactions.

It helps in monitoring every activity that takes place. And the data collected can be systematically stored and used for finding the faults or the loopholes of the websites.

The online visitors recording stores the information related to the individuals and it can be analyzed to find the abnormalities in the visitor activities. The data can be analyzed effectively using various techniques.

The process of analyzing the data depends on the recording session. The recording session helps in capturing the data of each visitor step by step. The entire recording of the activities can be divided into visitor recording and event tracking options. It helps in understanding the various facts related to individual actions.

The entire data is analyzed and divided according to the actions and events. It can be displayed in the form of visual presentation which is easy and effective to understand. The data analysis allows us to know the various reasons and the facts regarding the visitor’s emotional expressions

It helps in rectifying the issues and improving the features offered. The session of recording is also related to the privacy issue which increases the vulnerability of the process.

Conclusion on Best Session Recording Tools

In order to expand the business operations and to increase the customer network in any business and commercial field, you have to offer the best of services to the people and to enhance the business capabilities.

You have to make use of advanced technologies and the latest techniques. The website visitor’s recording tool or the visitor activities recording tool is one of the most advanced techniques available in the market. It can easily enhance your business and satisfy your customers.

There are many visitors recording & session replay software available in the market today but Smartlook is one of the most appropriate session recording tools that allow positive changes in the world of business with the help of Heatmaps and funnels.

It is very essential for you to choose the best visitor recording and session replay tool which will offer the most suitable solutions in terms of qualitative analysis for your business and help you to understand the visitor approach and the visitor mindset clearly.

Smartlook is a highly popular online visitor recording tool that is easy to use and easy to manage. Smartlook will definitely keep your business ahead with roaring success.

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