Best VPS Hosting Provider in 2023


Are you Looking for the Best VPS Hosting Companies in 2023? Then this article will help you get to know about the best VPS hosting provider which will help you to start your website or business in VPS Hosting.

During the lockdown, the online services were in the demand. Because of the unexpected and unlimited lockdown that the government had announced due to Covid19, most of the businesses suffered. The markets were down and there was uncertainty among the people regarding the future.

Best VPS Hosting Providers

But the internet services and the online market started blooming. The people, who had websites, find it beneficial and it helped them in extending their services using internet marketing.

The web hosting services were started getting a boost as more and more businessmen and professionals used online services. The web hosting services with its various options made it easy for the users to choose the most suited hosting plans for the business.

The main issues that the people face during the uncertain atmosphere of lockdown are –

  • The complete shutdown of the shops, market & other related services.
  • People were not allowed to come outside the houses that reduce the traffic completely.
  • A variety of Items & various other services are in demand during the lockdown.
  • It is required to have a proper system to deliver & distribute the items.

Let us find out the most suited hosting for online services:

The hosting plan mainly depends on the type of business that you want to run, the type of online services along with the necessary speed, and the required storage capacity.

Disadvantages of Shared hosting plan

If you decided to use a Shared hosting plan, which is very restricted and having limitations of resources, utilities & applications. The same server is used to store hundreds of websites & many other tools & apps.

When under the pressure, the server either gets slow or it stops the websites running over it. You have to share software, supporting tools, and security services that can affect the performance of your website and your business.

Disadvantages of ordinary VPS hosting plan

If you are planning to make use of VPS hosting plans then these plans are highly specialized and have higher charges. But, most of the web hosting companies find it difficult to manage individual websites due to the increasing number of customers.

The hosting companies couldn’t upgrade the VPS plans and couldn’t extend the resources immediately and it could affect the performance of the websites.

How to overcome the performance problem of websites?

To overcome the performance problems of your website and your online business during the lockdown, you can make use of specialized VPS hosting plans offered by the two most popular and highly commanding web hosting companies – Liquid Web, Dreamhost, and Host Armada

Liquidweb VPS, Dreamhost VPS, and HostAmadar VPS are the two highly effective web hosting plans made available for the users who are looking forward to starting their online business during the lockdown.

Let us discuss, in detail Liquidweb VPS, Dreamhost VPS, and HostArmada VPS plans which are highly exceptional and offering excellent services to the users at different levels.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is an extra-ordinary service that offers web hosting with the help of high-speed servers offering higher stability. The customer care support offered by the company is excellent. The high-quality products offered are available at a reasonable cost.

Liquid Web offers various hosting plans and most of the plans are highly advanced and expensive when compared with other hosting company plans. But you have to understand the context of the services offered and you will agree with the price offered.


Flexible & Well-managed plans

The VPS hosting plan offered by Liquid Web is very flexible, well-managed, and having a powerful server. The VPS plan is highly effective while managing the websites and other online activities. You can have control of dedicated servers at a reduced cost and it can reduce the monthly costs.

The VPS services can monitor the server performance, mitigate the risks, and optimize the entire process. The company also has technical support executives working round the clock and helping the customers to overcome the queries and issues that they face in everyday problems.

In the last few years, the performance of Liquid Web has performed better and it has outshined many other hosting companies. It has successfully verified speed tests conducted by a third party loud analytical firm.

Most of the customers have switched to Liquid Web in the past few years and they have a smooth and fast experience while using VPS hosting. The entire process is very easy and tactful and it allows the plan to be updated as and when required. You can immediately extend the hosting plan and expand the disk space as required.

  • Customized Applications

The Liquid Web is incredibly fast and responsive service. The company managed Virtual Private Servers that offers dedicated server and flexible cloud hosting. It offers the best of hosting solutions at reasonable rates and reduces the monthly expenses.

The support services take care of customized hosting solutions, software updates, installation of required applications, and security issues. It allows the customer to look after the website and the business activities.

Liquid Web has already stopped offering shared hosting services and mainly concentrates on high-quality tiered hosting services which make use of the latest technology and innovative fun.

The cost of hosting depends mainly on the type of websites that you want to build and the type of services that will be used.

  • Linux vs Windows Hosting

Liquid Web offers both Linux and Windows hosting. The most useful operating system Linux OS is commonly used for servers and it makes very few sites to work using Microsoft Windows. If you need a host for programs like Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, or .NET, Liquid Web has you covered.

  • Control Panels

Liquid Web allows the users to make use of control panels to have a visual interface with the servers and it helps in controlling the servers, domains, other programs, and installed applications. The two types of control panels are allowed to use, depending on the requirement are cPanel & Plesk control panels.

  • CPanel & Plesk

cPanel is a basic type of control panel which is most common. It is very clumsy to use. It has various options including a search function.

Plesk offers a systematic approach and a simple interface. The navigation bar offers an interface with many useful features. it is easy to use and it supports both Linux and Windows hosting.

  • Datacenters

For any of the websites, Datacenters play an important role and it helps the websites to run smoothly. But the location of the data center is very important.

If the location of the host’s datacenter is close then it has a huge impact on the website and all other online activities. If you have launched your website in Japan and the data center is located in the US then your website will run slowly.

Liquid Web offers data centers that are located at prime locations such as Michigan, Phoenix, Arizona, Netherlands & Amsterdam. The Liquid Web data centers offer perfect options for providing security & protection, daily backups, and other technical aspects. It manages WordPress hosting at a reasonable hosting tier.

  • Managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting

All plans include the following features:

  • Free Cpanel
  • Free SSL for all sites
  • Web Server Cache
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Cloud SSD Storage
  • Support 24/7/365
  • Starting at $41.21/mo

Get Started Plans & Pricing

Host Armada

Host Armada has become one of the most preferred hosting companies in recent years. The set of features and the functionalities offered by the company are remarkable and most businessmen and professionals find the services highly useful with the help of the latest technologies and high-speed server operations.

Most of the website hosting services & the online activities offered are of a higher standard that helps the clients to concentrate on the business than worrying about the hosting issues.

HostArmada - Best VPS Hosting

Superior plans with Latest Techniques

The various hosting options and the hosting plans are available with Host Armada. The sharing hosting, VPS hosting plans, hosting with dedicated servers, and the advanced plans with cloud hosting have become a part of entire hosting services.

The Host Armada VPS hosting services offered are highly sophisticated and it has been combined with many advanced features. The managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting service is one of the best hosting options of Host Armada that most users prefer to have.

The VPS hosting service has unlimited control over the Cloud powering and it provides a scalable solution for your website & business.

HostArmada offers the cloud SSD VPS hosting services with round–the–clock technical assistance for the users. It also provides 99.9% uptime with the help of Full ROOT Level techniques. The various VPS Hosting plans are Web Shuttle, Web Voyager, and Web Raider and Site Carrier.

The main features of Host Armada VPS hosting with SSD cloud hosting can be used under various parameters and it can provide various useful features that you will enjoy the most.

  • 1-click Application Installer

Most of the applications offered by HostArmada can be easily installed with a single click. The

With the 1-Click Application Installer, our customers can not only deploy Applications’ instances with ease, but they can also configure every installation separately! The Installer also allows for maintaining different application versions in different folders!

  • Consistent Backup

The HostArmada VPS plans with Cloud SSD offers various facilities. It allows automated cPanel backup services. The backup services are activated by default. It also has options for daily, monthly, or weekly backups. The backup of the system and the files get complete protection.

  • Nginx Web Server Cache

HostArmada offers the best of the caching technique. The VPS hosting offers a spontaneous caching mechanism. It helps to load the websites faster and also takes your business to a higher level when after using a limited number of resources and having smaller plans; you can get a higher number of visitors.

  • Managed Web Hosting service

HostArmada with its unique Cloud SSD VPS hosting services offers a well-suited, perfectly designed system with multiple versions of PHP. It keeps the track of daily activities, routine functionalities, and keeps the storage units active. VPS hosting allows for optimal uptime and increasing server performance.

  • Services with best possible techniques

HostArmada offers up-to-date core services. It allows the latest techniques and user-friendly applications to use that are easy to run. It also fixes the technical issues and the bugs almost immediately. The core services also offer multiple versions of PHP and can handle the old or new websites perfectly well with the help of Cloud SSD VPS hosting plans.

  • The pilot service with cPanel

cPanel is one of the powerful and most reliable industry standards. It keeps the Web hosting services in the right direction. It is very useful in handling the web hosting control panel. HostArmada offers the pilot service with cPanel along with Cloud SSD VPS hosting plan.

  • Root Access for the users

Cloud SSD VPS hosting plans are most versatile and it has unlimited options to customized the hosting plan with root level of action. It works efficiently without any extra cost and doesn’t affect the management service. It offers all the advanced technological advantages to the users.

  • Tight Website Security

The security offered by Host Armada is the main feature of the Cloud SSD VPS hosting plan and it is based on IP based firewall. It blocks the virus affected contacts, websites, and users. Also, it provides a clean and harmless atmosphere and offers SSL certificates which are free for unlimited domain names.

  • Handling non-development issues:
  1. Domain name transfer from various other hosting providers
  2. Using the various Operating systems such as Linux and Windows
  3. Use of common applications like WordPress along with Joomla or Drupal

Additional Support System: 

The various useful services such as Email service which can be customized using advanced techniques, SSH support that runs the websites smoothly, and SSL support that can install and remove the SSL certificates when required.

Useful cPanel:   

The cPanel is the most advanced tool that allows the user to manage & control the website & other online activities with ease. The tools are available free for users to reduce the technical aspect and concentrate on business dealings.

Data Centers:

HostArmada with its brand-name offers the best of hosting services at reasonable pricing, and with the help of minimum response time. The data centers of the company are located in various places around the globe.

The data centers offer superior communication networks and faster data transfer. Clients can choose the data center depending on the preferred location.

Host Armada VPS Plan:

The HostArmada offers VPS hosting with a cloud SSD plan having the following features:

  • Free usage of cPanel for the users
  • Websites will get SSL certificate freely
  • Additional Web Server cache is available
  • KVM Virtualization also available
  • Manageable storage for Cloud SSD
  • Support services are available 24/7/365
  • Reasonable pricing for the hosting plans


While facing the pandemic and when the whole world is clocked down for an unlimited period, it is the internet services that kept us active and helped us to fight back in our everyday lives.

The two highly advanced web hosting services Liquidweb and HostAmadar offer user-friendly features and affordable and easily upgradable VPS hosting plans.

The services of these two companies have not only encouraged millions of merchants, businessmen, and professionals around the world but it has also pushed the world forward which had come to a halt during the crisis of Covid19.

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