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When you want to make your career as a photographer which is a challenging task and it needs not only understanding and experience of the photography but you have to make sure that, you create online business opportunities.  You need to have a nicely designed, elegant looking website that can promote your art of photography.

To create a website for the photographers that can be useful for both professionals and amateurs and it allows them to display their artwork, share their vision, and to promote their business.

If you are planning to host a website for the photographic services that you offer then let us discuss the requirements of the website hosting and the Best web hosting for photographers in 2023.

Features to Look in Best best web hosting sites for photographers:

Unlimited storage & faster data transfer

Unrestricted data storage and effective data transfer have become part of the website. The photographic website mainly deals with images of all types. It needs enough memory space and higher bandwidth for effective data transfer.

Speed of the Website matters

The speed of the website is very important. If the website takes a longer time to load and to display the images then the visitors might not wait and you will lose the business. You need to have a website that remains faster.

Network for Content Delivery

The content delivery network (CDN) allows the website to work faster while uploading the static contents such as photos on your web site.

The content delivery network works effectively and allows the data stored on various servers while a visitor tries to access a website. The network of the content always accesses the images stored on nearby servers and saves time while loading the data in a short span.

Data Backup and Restore

The backup facility offered for the website helps in keeping the website safe and secure. The automatic options allow daily or weekly backups of the website which is a part of the hosting plan. In case of any issue relating to the data stored on the website, A copy of the backup can be restored. It will save all your time and you don’t have to create your website again.

Website Security

The hosting plan offers complete security to the website. The security remains powerful and it makes sure that the additional features such as malware detection and scanning, DDoS mitigation, and the proactive security measures can be added to the website. The website remains under complete protection and it never gets hacked at all.

Multiple Website Platforms

The multiple platforms for the website can be provided by the hosting plan and it can offer the traditional benefits to the website. One of the major options that the hosting plan recommends is the content management systems that are easy to use and effective in managing various tasks relating to the websites.

The WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are useful CMS utilities and it also offers cPanel hosting packages and many other web applications.

Let’s See the Best Web Hosting for Photographers

A2 Hosting – Recommended

A2 Hosting is also considered as the most suitable web hosting for photographers. A2 are one of the best non-EIG company. The company is offering its services to about millions of customers across the globe and it has the most affordable prices and highly advanced features.


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The company is in the market for the last 19 years and it has graded as an A+ company. The company has won various awards and recognitions in the field of web hosting and customer support services.

The company A2 Hosting has been successful with its unique achievements in a short span. The two types of hosting services that the company offers are discussed below in detail. You can select the services based on Cpanel hosting or you can choose site builder hosting.

The control panel hosting is useful mainly for the people who have expertise in web development and who can work independently using Cpanel services. The Site builder services are mainly useful for people who have limited technical knowledge and who want to concentrate more on business development than on web hosting skills.

Customers get all types of help on the web site hosting and online operations from the company round the clock. Customers can easily as the queries relating to web hosting, security features, WordPress development, and the customer care department of the company offers instant responses.

The customer care executives can either respond to your emails or phone calls. You can also chat with the executive using Skype and your queries will be resolved soon.

A2Hosting also offers high-speed techniques; using SSD drives and Free Automatic Backups.

Server Location Options: USA-Michigan, USA-Arizona, Europe-Amsterdam, Asia-Singapore

Storage Space – A2hosting provides 100GB of web space for its basic plan and it can be very helpful for photographer’s blogs or websites.

Money-Back Guarantee – The money-back guaranty is of 45 days is useful for the customers to find more about various services offered by the company.

The high-quality WordPress hosting services using Joomla and other advanced features are highly useful.

On a single account, you can host two different websites having higher data storage and bandwidth. These options make A2 Hosting is the best web hosting for photographers

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Recommendations to run & manage a photographic website:

Web hosting recommendations are useful for Photographers. These are the most useful tips that will help you to plan, design, and manage your photographic website more effectually and it will help you to establish as a successful photographer.

Let us discuss some of the useful tips that will make your Photographic website highly successful.

  • Make use of responsive templates

You don’t have to spend your time designing the webpage all by yourself. Nor you have to spend money on web designers to design the webpage. All you need is useful utilities like Squarespace, Pixpa, PhotoFolio, and Photoshelter which are easily available and can be useful in designing the website on your own, as per your needs and market trends.

  • Focus on your strengths & start working

In photography, there are several types of artworks and various categories. You should find the most useful and which is in demand. You can start on various topics like sports, food, health, architecture and so on. It will certainly help you, to work in one particular direction. And it is easy to showcase your work.

  • Meaningful titles are must for the gallery

Start building galleries on the topics that you have selected. Your work should be shared systematically in the form of decent collection and should be given meaningful names. The collection of artwork with a title remains in the memory of the viewer for a long time.

  • Showcase the best work

As a photographer, do experiments, work on different angles, and make use of shades, light, and colors. Either work on some concept or follow a theme.  Present your best work in the most attractive display and share your best work with the world around.

Some Frequently Asked questions

What do you need to consider for Photographic websites?

Before building a website for photography, think of a few points relating to the website:

What is the main purpose behind building a photographic site?

You have to first decide, whether the website that you want to create, is for the purpose of business or hobby? If you are planning to offer photographic services to the people then it is necessary to include various options for customer services and the useful photographic functionalities. If you want to showcase your work as an amateur then you need to store all your artwork and need higher storage.

How much time did you require to design your photographic website?

Do you want to create nicely designed websites on your own? Do you have any experience in web designing? Or are you looking for easier options that can create the website as soon as possible?

How much money are you willing to spend on your website?

There are various web hosting plans available and it depends on the type of website do you want to host. The cost of the website ranges from a higher level to a lower level.

Deciding the storage option for the website

Before you design the website and plan to host it, the main option required is to have a data storage facility that can be sufficient enough to run the website effectively. The options such as Flickr and 500px offer photo storage services but it has limitations and it cannot be used with your photographic websites.

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Which one will you prefer between Web Hosting & Website Builder?

To build the web site you can make use of various options offered in the web hosting plan.  It offers useful applications such as Wix, SquareSpace, etc which are useful but needs the expertise to use it. Website builders offer easier ways to design responsive websites in a short span.

Web hosting benefits

  • Website templates & designing options
  • Allows complete control over the website
  • Offers online tools & utilities (email, security, FTP, etc)
  • Easier transfer of domain name

Website Builder benefits

  • Creating responsive websites
  • Readymade templates & user-friendly options
  • Requires limited time-span
  • Customized options can be added (relating to Photography)

Conclusion on Photography Web Hosting:

To become a successful photographer, you need to follow the given tips regarding web hosting options. You have to make sure that you choose the most suited web hosting services, work on your website to get an elegant design with striking colors, and a responsive website that gets all attention. Display your art and your photographs in a systematically defined structure of galleries with titles.

You have to showcase your understanding and experience in the fields of artworks and photography using the latest technology. It will definitely offer you endless opportunities by extending your business.

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