Best Xenforo Hosting – Get the List of Xenforo Hosting Providers in 2021


Let us discuss the companies that are using Xenforo technology and have become a part of the new XF forum. The Xenforo hosting or Xenforo cloud hosting services can be used for various platforms.

It is specific software that works effectively on servers. The Xenforo hosting provides the best of services that can handle the latest technologies with ease and assurance.

Xenforo hosting

What will users get after reading this article?

  • Xenforo requires to write files to specific locations and to store the information in the directories. The directories are ensured with the permission to make use of information stored in the directories and passed it to the servers. You have to assign permissions to the directories just before the installation of the software.
  • Many web hosting companies provide the best Xenforo web hosting services and it can run effectively on many different platforms. The specific software and applications stored work smoothly and offer the best of Xenforo web hosting & Xenforo cloud hosting services.
  • Xenforo can be installed on various hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and also cloud hosting which the common plans are offering flexible hosting facilities. Xenforo forum works on a low budget and displays limited interactions.

Requirements of Xenforo Hosting

  • PHP extensions DUCH AD SQLi, XML, DOM, JSON, GD, cURL can also be used.
  • Xenforo web hosting supports PHP 5.4+ allows you to use version PHP 7.2.
  • PHP extensions enable only core functions to be used.

Once, if you are clear with the hosting requirements for the Xenforo hosting service only then you can search hosting company that would be the best for a new XF forum.

 Best Web Hosting for Xenforo Hosting in 2021

Let us discuss the Best Xenforo hosting companies in details:

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers the best hosting plans and has efficient customer support. User-friendly and customized plans are useful for all types of business applications.

The several advanced features and the useful apps that run the server faster and make your website run smoothly. You don’t have spent time managing the website but you can concentrate on your business.

A2Hosting Xenforo

Types of hosting plans offered by A2 for Xenforo Hosting

  • Shared hosting the most basic and affordable type of hosting plan which is available at a low cost. Xenforo hosting is the customized form of hosting plan which supports Xenforo plans and tt is affordable at price.
  • VPS hosting is useful for a business type of website. It offers additional software and useful applications it is not as costly as dedicated server plans.
  • Cloud hosting plan is highly flexible and the website can be stored on multiple servers it is easy to store your website on different servers when required. It is available at Premium cost.
  • A dedicated hosting plan is the most expensive but highly powerful hosting plan A2 hosting offers a dedicated server with powerful features having a higher uptime. The plan is costly.

Features of A2 Hosting – Why they are the Best Xenforo Forum Hosting Providers?

A2 hosting plans offer free cPanel control and also SSL certificates. It can deal with free site migration and domain name transfer. The plans can be customized and upgraded as per the business requirement and the Market Trends.

Pricing: The pricing of various plans is mainly based on the features performance and the additional online activities offered. Most of the plans have easy payment options customers can pay every month every year.

Even payments can be e-mailed in advance for one two or three years.

Security: A2 hosting offers a perpetual security initiative that gives complete protection to the site and provides free scanning protection 24 by 7.

The perpetual security also includes:

  • A dual hosting firewall blocks unauthorized users and provides a strong firewall to the system.
  • Restrictive server access instead of passwords keys are used to access the server. Keys are a highly secured password and they worked like a conversation between a computer and a server rather than code word.
  • Distributed denial of service: it protects the server by refusing to admit the large volume of fake traffic sent to the webserver and offers complete protection.
  • The site server is secured with physical security also by providing complete protection to the server at the site.

Support: A2 hosting provides the best of customer services to the users. It has minimum response time while attending the calls or replying to the emails or attending the live chat messages. Technical support is made available 24/7 throughout the year.

Uptime: The best feature of A2 hosting is the availability of higher uptime. Uptime provided is 99.9% and the server remains down only for 9 hours during the entire year.

Money-back guarantee: A2 provides anytime money-back guarantee service to its clients. They have full confidence in their service

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TMD hosting – Affordable Xenforo Hosting Provider

It offers hosting services for all types of businesses of different sizes and functionalities the affordable hosting plans help the users in using advanced technology as an advantage of using websites for everyday business activity.

TMDHosting - Xenforo

Specific Features of TMD hosting: 

TMD hosting offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage that helps the customers to have better business opportunities.

The time-tested hosting service mainly focuses on advanced technology and the latest features. The high-speed server offers several online activities that network beneficial in the competitive market.

TMD hosting offers affordable services that are of excellent quality. The services are all in one that makes the customers happy and satisfied.

It offers various useful hosting plans that support Linux, Windows, Weebly, WordPress, and Xenforo Forum applications. It offers on a limited bandwidth unlimited storage space easy to use site builder and customize email facilities.

Hosting plans: 

  • TMD hosting provides a set of hosting plans such as shared hosting VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, and reseller hosting. The hosting plans are easy to manage and easy to upgrade depending on customer requirements.
  • TMD hosting offers a powerful cPanel that can help the user to control the website and online activities. Also, the SSL certificates are provided for the websites freely.
  • The backup facility is available and the backup can be taken daily weekly or monthly basis.
  • Free domain name transfer and free domain name registration.

Pricing: TMD hosting has divided the pricing into different categories based on the operating system. Hosting plans are available on a nearly basis payment can be made every month or every year. Customers can decide the plan to choose the operating system and select the additional features required only then the pricing can be made. Customers should make the advance payment whether on a monthly basis or every year.

Security: TMD hosting offers highly effective security to the server and also for the user websites. The system is well protected from malicious attacks, unauthorized access, and also from hacking the web pages or websites.

The strong and powerful scanning facility helps in keeping the network clean and well protected. Only certified access to the entire network is based on code-based language. The feature of authenticated passwords helps in changing the passwords occasionally and making the system powerful to face any virus attack.

Support: TMD hosting supports the users and offers excellent customer care services. Customer care executives work around the clock and respond quickly to customer queries. The technical support is immediately provided using phone, email, messaging, and live chat options. It helps the users to get in touch with the support executive at any time of the day and resolved the customer queries quickly.

UpTime: TMD hosting not just promises to the customers Up Time off 99.99% but it offers. You can test a website for its uptime while it runs for a few months. The higher the uptime, the easier it is to improve the website. The available services can be used effectively when the uptime is higher.

Money-back guarantee: TMD hosting offers a very unique facility on all the available hosting plans. Expose company plan the customer is given a 60-day money-back guarantee after getting the services. Customers can ask for a refund in 60 days after getting the services.

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What is the Xenforo Forum?

Xenforo is a commercial community forum that is reliable flexible and highly secured. It is an internet forum software that is written in PHP programming language and it was released in the year 2010, Xenforo offers exceptional user experience using a community forum platform.

For more information –  You can Visit Xenforo

xenForo Hosting

Main features of Xenforo

The main features of the best Xenforo hosting are given below:

  • Xenforo offers better techniques & easier coding options to build the community forum platform.
  • REST API with external integrations can be combined with the best Xenforo hosting. It can generate the Xenforo code directly without using its functionality and the data.
  • Third-party code is well protected against errors or vulnerabilities. Xenforo extensible offers extended points along with expected return value in proper formats.
  • Specific code event listeners are defined and it allows third-party code to interact with the data easy institute fashion.
  • Xenforo offers awards to the users for more number of posts & likes. Xenforo system also sends notifications to the user on replies from others and allows you to stay connected.
  • Xenforo allows customization of the system and users can have add-ons to use Xenforo free hosting options.
  • The SEO functionalities can be added with Xenforo to overcome minor issues effectively.

Tips for selecting the best hosting for Xenforo software

While selecting the web hosting company the priority should be given to the higher uptime and excellent technical support to handle any technical issue.

Also, customer reviews are checked to find a suitable host with high performance. The hosts are considered as best only if the installation of Xenforo is done easily and offered free backups.

Xenforo hosting requirements

To make use of Xenforo hosting, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • PHP extensions DUCH AD SQLi, XML, DOM, JSON, GD, cURL can also be used.
  • Xenforo hosting supports PHP 5.4+ allows you to use version PHP 7.2.
  • PHP extensions enable only core functions to be used.

Advantages of Xenforo Forum

Xenforo forum is friendly social and highly engaging when compared to many other forums.

It offers Guru Crew support, money-back guarantee, and high uptime commitment.

Disadvantages of Xenforo

It needs to understand the working, and managing off-spin for RO technology. Also, it needs a high-speed server and higher configuration for Xenforo hosting to work smoothly.


The Xenforo hosting is mainly based on the license purchased by the users. The pricing of the Xenforo hosting charges depends on the duration of time for which the license is purchased.

LicensesPrice per license
1 to 2$160
3 to 5$150
6 to 10$140

Best Xenforo themes

(Here, we have to provide the detail from where we can find the best Xenforo themes

Various themes are available which can be most suitable for Xenforo hosting. Most of the themes can be used freely but you have to pay for premium themes.

Given below are the URLs for the themes that can be used as per your choice:


How to install Xenforo?

To install Xenforo, you need to have a cost account. You can choose love best and most suited web hosting services. Another thing you need to have is the Xenforo license which you need to buy.

To complete the installation process configure the Xenforo tab and enter the administrator details which include username password email address.

Use the option Create Administrator and edit the admin.php file. This completes the Xenforo installation for you.

Read a detailed article written on Best Laravel Hosting for your framework

 (FAQs Section FAQS on Xenforo)

  1. How much does a license cost? Do I have to renew it every year?

The cost of the license mainly depends on the duration for which the license is purchased. At the end of the license period, you can renew the license for the best Xenforo hosting.

Total costs
 $140 –Xenforo license
 $250 –Branding removal
 $60 –Xenforo media gallery
 $60 –Xenforo resource manager
 $510 Total cost

Yearly renewal costs

 $40 –XenForo license
 $0 –Branding removal
 $15 –XenForo Media Gallery
 $15 –XenForo Resource Manager
 $70Total cost

2. Are there any discounts available?

The discounts are seasonal and can be available only during a specific time of the year.

3. Does Xenforo Provide a refund?

There is no mention of the refund to make to the customers in case of any of the issues regarding the Xenforo web hosting.


Xenforo is a highly popular community forum that offers a highly unique web hosting experience to the users. The software is mainly developed using PHP and it has been working in the form of a useful internet forum.

The software is easily available and can be downloaded, once you complete the registration formalities. It can be easily installed and configured on the server. It creates a viable atmosphere among the users and allows for having friendly discussions.

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