Find the Drawbacks & Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting


There are various companies today offering free web hosting services. These services are suitable for all types of businesses and applications. The businessmen and professionals find the idea of free web hosting services very appealing.

Most of the businessmen think of such free hosting services as an opportunity that can be highly useful in promoting businesses without much expense. But these hosting services offer free but limited resources & limited facilities.

Also, free hosting has several other drawbacks and disadvantages. You have to understand it clearly before you decide to use such free hosting facilities.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting companies are available in plenty and offer free web hosting services that can fit all types of businesses.

But the several limitations are offered mainly to restrict the user from getting any advantages in terms of website requirements. Such free websites cannot be customized according to the business requirements and industry needs.

The free web hosting website cannot be monetized.

Free hosting websites companies allow you to launch your website freely but it will not allow you to make use of advertisements or affiliated links on your website for business promotion.

The company may display advertisements in the space around the web pages of your website in the form of posters and banners of other companies, their products & services. Even sometimes the advertisements that are displayed on your web pages are of your competitors.

Free web hosting companies might sell your website addresses to spammers and your website may get linked with advertisements of different companies offering services such as games, gambling, sites, etc. And it will convert your website into a link farm.

Limited resources & poor design

Free hosting companies usually offer resources with limitations. The speed of the server, storage space, internal memory, and other features will be available but these features will have restrictions. You need to make use of partial bandwidth and other marginal utilities and tools.

Your website will remain simple without using most of the advanced features, facilities, and applications. Any of the advanced facilities if you decided to use them then you need to pay extra fees separately.

To design a website limited number of templates are simple without any advanced features. You have to choose the available template only and you cannot design a website on your own.

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No choice for domain name & email id

Free hosting services offer you a common domain name which will be in the form of a link such as https:// website / my business /my company name.

Your website will have a non-branded domain name that looks more like a link. You cannot have a proper domain name that defines the name of the company for the purpose of the business.

Even the email id will not be customized according to your name of the company. These restrictions make your website look ordinary and unprofessional without any useful and advanced features.

Unpredictable security services

Free web hosting companies restrict the websites with a number of terms and conditions that are a part of legal immunity. According to the agreement, the free hosting service provider can make use of your website and its content along with email addresses for their business purpose.

If you have stored personal images on your website or if you have created unique content on your website then the hosting company can make use of your personal photos or unique content for their own purpose, as per the legal agreement. The free hosting company offers poor and unreliable security options and it makes your website vulnerable and prone to malicious viruses.

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No CMS & No WordPress

A free hosting facility does not allow you to have several advanced applications to be used on your website. It doesn’t allow you to use any of the CMS applications or the WordPress program. Basically, your website remains simple with limited features and restricted facilities.

Website design not responsive

The design of your website provided by the free hosting company has limited features and the website will not be displayed on mobile phones or tablets. The website doesn’t support the responsive structure and will not be displayed mobile phones.

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Other Marginal Limitations

  • The free hosting companies manage the websites but with the help of limited resources. It runs the website slowly due to several restrictions such as limited bandwidth; the slow speed of the server, partial storage, and many others confines. Also, the website can be unexpectedly shut down resulting in loss of data.
  • The free web hosting company does not allow you to have analytics of your website. The statistics regarding your website in the form of daily weekly or monthly reports will not be a part of free web hosting. Even it doesn’t even allow you to have a backup facility for your website.
  • Also, the web hosting company does not offer you any technical support or customer care services. You cannot call, email, or chat with customer care executives at all on the free hosting platforms.
  • The free hosted websites are difficult to manage updates and market. Even you will not able to manage in the SEO of your website and your website will not be ranked in the Google search engine if you launch it using free hosting options.

Conclusion on Disadvantages of Free Hosting

Free websites are mainly used on a trial basis to get the hang of hosting and to make use of available limited features before you decide to launch your personal business website using a professional web hosting company that offers various useful and reasonable plans.

But it is advised to have a proper hosting account using shared hosting, VPS hosting dedicated server hosting plan. Such posting plants offer you high-speed unlimited storage bandwidth and reliable security services along with many other features.

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