15 Useful Features of Effective Web Hosting in 2023


Web hosting services have now become, part of the essential services for individuals, businessmen, and also for companies. Most of the personal and commercial activities remain mainly dependent on the internet.

Either you are sending an email or accepting online payment, either you like a post on social media or offer eCommerce services to the clients, all your activities need a properly maintained website that can manage all your tasks perfectly well.

But to keep the website activities and to run it smoothly you need to have an effecting web hosting services.

Finding the web hosting services that offer the required support to your business is a challenging task. You have to find the most proficient web hosting provider with flexible plans and packages.

The services that should be provided are given below.  Let us discuss some of the important factors that can help you to choose the best web hosting service that is reliable and having all the essential features to support your business.

Let’s see the 15 useful features for effective web hosting in 2023

1. 24/7 Support Services

The web hosting services that you choose should provide complete technical support round the clock. Technology is getting advanced day by day and it creates complex situations. To sort out the issues, you need reliable expert services, ready to help and support you.

Customer Support
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The online business services offered to the client needs stronger technical support at any time of the day.  The technical support offered should be competent enough to handle the situations, understand the issues, and either sort out the problem or should offer alternate solutions.

For the businesses that are growing, web hosting services should be proficient and capable of facing challenging situations without any delay.

2. Remote Backup Services

The backup service is a very useful service that can keep the track of the website, its content, database transactions, emails, social media interactions, website reports, online transactions, and other required services.  In case of any loss of data related to the website and to the business can put you out of business.  In order to avoid such disasters, remote backup services are very essential.

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Most of the webs hosting companies offer the best of backup services to the clients but you have to make sure that your web hosting provider should offer remote backup services that offer complete protection from the loss of data which is very important while running the business and keeping every business details unharmed to run the business successfully.

3. Assured uptime and website availability

The availability of the website allows for better business possibilities. If the website remains offline for a longer time then it affects the business severely.   The websites that keep going offline start losing customers and visitors to the site. Even it affects the page ranking of the website.  The search engine stops crawling on the web pages to promote the Search Engine Page Ranking (SEPR).

You have to make sure that the web hosting company offers guaranteed uptime of 99% and makes sure that all the required services should be continuously accessible.

You have to be careful while you choose shared hosting services.  Several websites when shared a server can affect the websites and due to one website, all other websites may go offline.

If you choose dedicated server hosting or cloud hosting services then you should expect more reliable services and higher availability of the website with 100% uptime.

4. Server Management

You have to make sure that the web hosting company offers you the best of services without fail. When you run a business website, you have a plan and you need to execute various business-related tasks that won’t give you any time to manage the server operations.

Server Management
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And you need a competent hosting provider who takes care of all the server functionalities so you get time to run your business and offer you the best of services.

The hosting services should offer all the latest technologies and valuable procedures to keep the website active. There are many tasks required to carry while running the business website.

But if the web hosting service providers help you in managing the server and the relevant task then you can easily concentrate on business promotional activities, social media networking, and online internet marketing. It certainly helps in promoting and expanding business operations.

5. Security & Protection

Internet service often gets attacked by various deadly viruses and threatening malware software. It can affect the websites and the online business severely. You have to make sure that the web hosting services should offer complete protection from the vulnerabilities found in websites and networks due to the increasing cases of cybercrime.

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The increasing threats to the websites can affect the online business and it can reduce all the possibilities of higher business prospects and future opportunities.

Web hosting services that you choose should provide the latest security facilities and advanced options for protecting the websites, web content, and databases along with everyday online transactions.

Only when you have solid support from the hosting service provider offering you the most effective security solutions only then you will find that your business is expanding with higher business prospects.

6. Migrating Websites

Migration services offered by web hosting companies are very challenging. The websites can be moved from one web host to another web host. The entire process is available freely and it can be done without upsetting the website and the processes.

Make sure that the web hosting company offers the best migration services with the help of professionals and experts.

It is an important aspect that you need to check before you decide to accept the services offered by web hosting service providers. If the service provider doesn’t offer the required services then you should know that the hosting company works in only limited areas.

7. WordPress Website Support

WordPress has become popular among the people, due to its simple and effective ways of handling websites. WordPress offers complete technical support to the users and helps them to build a full-fledged website with all the required options that can support the advanced technology.

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But make sure that the service provider offers dedicated WordPress web hosting support.

It is observed that not all web hosting service providers offer complete support for WordPress hosting and you have to make sure that you get all the required WordPress support right on time.

The websites using WordPress are easy to design and with the help of readymade options, it is easy to add various features on the website making it look most advanced.

8. Complete Support for Long-term Growth

You have to choose the web hosting company that is well-equipped, offers a wide range of resources, and offers complete support in the growth of your company. When you host a website for your company using shared hosting. It takes some time for your company to grow and then you look for more advanced options.

The web hosting company should offer the facilities depending on your needs. As the company grows it will need either a VPS server or a dedicated server along with other advanced options like customized email id, database, higher storage, and faster speed of the server.

The hosting company should offer all the support and make sure that every advanced feature allows your company to perform better.

9. Advanced options of Scalability

The advanced options such as spikes in demand are useful. It helps in growing your business in a short span as per the requirement of the advanced options.  The cloud hosting options can be used for a limited period and the required resources should be used as per demand.

The advantage it offers is that the spikes technology can be used by paying it only for a restricted time period. You can make use of additional resources for a limited period of time without permanently installing them. It certainly increases the usage of scalable recourses.

10. Useful & Easy Control Panels

The website hosted and actively running needs to be maintained according to the everyday requirements. To administer the website for possible settings, the control panel plays an important role.

The control panel makes it easy to have a user-friendly interface with the web site. The Linux-based server provides cPanel which is easy to use and very effective in handling the website.

If you are using a window-based server then the Plesk control panel is the most useful and easy to operate. The control panels offer the dashboard with navigations that are easy to manage. It has several useful options to select various settings and install different software.

11. Useful Email Features

When you need an email feature added to your web site, you have to make sure that it offers all the advanced features and not just receive and send options.

Make sure that the email feature offered by the web host provider has advanced features such as checking the email for spam and malicious software or attachments.

The email option also provides outlook service which is integrated with storage capacity, file sharing options, webmail features along with the utilities such as calendars, tasks, and other options.

12. SSL certificates

Every transaction offered should be well secured. The customers should get the required security while engaged in online dealings. The data entered should be encrypted using an SSL certificate.

The SSL certificates are available with the web hosting providers as per the essential requirements. You should make use of the SSL to keep your website secured in Google.

The websites without SSL certificates become unsecured and are not allowed to make use of online business options and eCommerce facilities. The websites that start with HTTPS are considered a secured website and are recommended by Google as the most secure to be accessed.

13. Compatibility between software and hardware

If you are looking for a change in the web hosting services, then the first aspect that you need to check is the compatibility.  The software that you use while hosting the website should be compatible with the hardware and the operating system provided by the web hosting service provider.

The web hosting providers offer you a compatible environment that can easily run your software and your applications without any hassles. You should consult your web hosting company before you plan to change the services.  If you don’t consult then it could lead to serious problems at a later stage.

14 Understand Terms & Conditions  

Choose a web hosting company that provides the most required services to either host your website or help you to transfer the website from other web hosting services. But while making the deal, read and understand the terms and conditions clearly.

Before you decide to sign up for a new host, you should clearly make the contract according to your understanding. Sometimes, if you don’t read the specifications given in agreement with the hosting company, you may land in the trouble with restrictions on the migration of the website.  It could lead to serious consequences.

15. Affordable Cost

One of the important features of web hosting services is the cost of the services. While you decided to choose the web hosting services, you have to check for the various features offered by the web hosting companies along with the performance of the server operation. You can compare the services offered by various web hosting companies before making your choice.

Once you short-list the names of web hosting companies, you can compare the web hosting costs which will help you to find the most affordable cost of the web hosting services.


There is competition among web hosting service providers in the market. To find the most reliable and highly reasonable hosting services, you can make use of the above-given points one by one and it will definitely help in deciding the appropriate web hosting provider.

The important features of the web hosting services are given in detail above. You can make use of every point discussed along with the various features, facilities, and functionalities of the web hosting processes and chose the best and most suitable web hosting Service Company for your website to be launched.

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