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Starting up your first website with HostArmada is one of the most satisfying things you can do if you are looking to start your online journey or transfer your existing sites to a new provider.

The company opened doors in 2019, showing promising features, affordable pricing, and exceptional technical support. When we performed a speed test, the results were impressive, with loading speeds going under 0.5 seconds for WordPress installations and TTFB sitting under 100 milliseconds and sometimes dropping to about 50.

In this HostArmada review, we will summarize the information that we gathered during our tests to make your life easier when picking the best hosting provider for your new site or looking for a home for your existing project. Let’s begin!

First and foremost, let’s begin with the pros and cons!

Starting at $2.69/month

  • Free premium 24/7/365 support available through live chat, phone, and ticket

  • A 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee period with no cancellation fees or binding contracts

  • Intuitive and easy to use control panel

  • Free Domain Registration/Transfer Included as a part of your package

  • LiteSpeed & Nginx web servers

  • Pure SSD storage on all servers

  • 9% Uptime Guarantee

  • Nine datacenter locations, strategically placed across four continents

  • Higher renewal rate

  • No windows hosting

Server Locations – Fremont, Newark, Dallas, Toronto, London(UK), Frankfurt(Germany), Bangalore(India), Singapore, Sydney(Australia)

How important is it to use a reliable hosting provider for your site?

HostArmada’s servers are genuinely remarkable. They offer the most affordable service we have seen in the industry, and there are so many features available its hard to skip them without giving them a shot.

You can expect excellent customer support from your initial encounter with them and superb technical support that will help you get started by either transferring your website or helping you install an application.

If you are serious about your online business or website, picking up a reliable hosting provider is your key to success. A faulty web hosting provider will provide low speed, security, and unresponsive and unresourceful technical support. These are things you want to avoid at all costs, and hopefully, this review will explain what you should look for in a host.

Making compromise in any aspect of your hosting server can be detrimental o your online experience. HostArmada’s mantra is “Speed, Security, and Reliability“, and these this is what they excel at. These are the three pillars of web hosting everyone should look for without overcomplicating it and purchasing gimmicky services, offering you a ton of stuff that you cannot utilize fully.

HostArmada has competitive pricing, and when compared to giants in the industry, you can’t help but wonder – why should I pay that amount when I can go with something a lot more subtle but as effective?

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Who is HostArmada?

HostArmada launched in 2019, and the people behind its idea are a bunch of associates with many years of experience in other top hosting companies in the world. They realized that the hosting industry is heading in a direction where people are continually getting taxed needlessly for services they do not need.

HostArmada Review

They decided to capitalize and create a hosting service that caters to everyone’s needs – both newcomers and existing online business owners. The company shows tremendous promise, and from the start, they managed to win the hearts of many users, that are currently spreading the word about this fantastic service.

They incorporate modern features, such as cloud services, SSD drives, and innovative web services such as LiteSpeed, making them appealing to anyone looking to take advantage of the ever-expanding world of technology.

If you want to become part of this fantastic crew that starts creeping their way up the ladder and are looking like the next big thing, do not hesitate and give them a try. We are sure you won’t regret it!

HostArmada Review – Top 10 excellent features

Many big hosting providers nowadays have indeed established themselves as giants in the industry, however, this does not mean that their services are what they used to be.

Many of them start outsourcing, ultimately causing a massive dent in their performance and service, and new clients plus old and established ones suffer.

Here are 11 features to look forward to when you purchase hosting at HostArmada:

1. Superb Performance & Speed

Speed and performance are deciding factors for many web hosting bloggers, webmasters, and developers. HostArmada does not compromise in that department and has integrated many speed-increasing technologies to ensure their customer’s sites are always at their top game.

You can expect either Nginx or LiteSpeed tech, depending on the plan you purchase, and both optimized to the teeth so the websites can run in optimal conditions. Another defining factor for speed is SSD drives.

HostArmada’s cloud servers are entirely SSD based, and if you have used HDD up until now, you will notice it immediately

2. Affordable Pricing

One of HostArmada’s goals is to create a hosting environment that everyone can use without sacrificing the essential features and breaking the bank. Their prices are highly competitive and affordable and will look appealing to established brands looking to relocate or small blogs/personal sites that are not being monetized yet.

3. Phenomenal Technical Support

For some hosting clients, technical support is of utmost importance. This fact is no surprise since they would prefer to invest all their time in expanding their business instead of learning or maintaining the hosting environment.

The sheer amount of experience within the company is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Their technicians are highly experienced in managing all sorts of related technical services on the server itself and most Open-Source applications, including WordPress!

4. Multiple Support Channels

HostArmada offers 24/7/365 free, premium technical support that can be reached by live chat, phone, and ticket. The telephone and live chat have instant response times and are generally used for smaller technical cases, while the ticketing system is where the complicated technical queries are reviewed.

The average ticket response time is 10 minutes, and 85% of the time, the issue is resolved in the first reply!.

5. Industry-standard Uptime-guarantee

If a company does not provide at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it is not worth your time, and you should immediately look elsewhere. You can expect that from HostArmada, and in most of our tests, we discovered that there are periods where the uptime goes up to the 100% mark.

6. Free Website Transfers

HostArmada ensures seamless and fast, free transfer options for people who are tired of their old hosting provider. Their team has transferred thousands of websites from the hundreds of services providers, using various control panels.

They have in-depth knowledge of the industry and can perform a migration without breaking a sweat, and they do it efficiently, quickly, with no data loss or downtime. After they complete the transfer, they ensure to let you know all the vital information needed to start using their service, as if no migration was done at all!

7. Free application installation/update

For people who are just starting and are not savvy enough to install or update their apps, HostArmada offers this free of charge! A caveat here is that the application or the service a client wants needs to be compatible with the hosting environment to install it, as there are scripts out there, which have precise requirements.

8. Free daily backups on all hosting plans

HostArmada has configured daily backups on all their packages, guaranteeing that a client will have his website backed up should something happen to it. The best part here is that you do not need to do anything to restore these backups! All you need to do is contact them and let them know that you need a backup or want to restore it, and they will do it for you! Isn’t that great?

9. Free tutorials & knowledge base

HostArmada has over 1400 pages worth of content, specifically designed for people who want to learn how to manage certain aspects of their hosting account or website.

10. 45-days money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee periods give you peace of mind when you purchase hosting that your expectations are not met, you can get your money back and try your luck elsewhere.

With HostArmada, that period is 45 days, and there are no binding contracts or cancellation fees. You get full reimbursement on all hosting-related services with no questions asked!

11. Nine datacenter locations

This feature is one of our favorites as it allows you to strategically place your site in a location closest to your visitors. This results in better loading time, faster response, and of course, increase user experience (UX).

HostArmada Features

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HostAramda Review on Hosting Plans

HostArmada has a vast arsenal of web hosting solutions that can cater to any user’s needs. Choosing the absolute best package without paying more for a semi-decent solution and you cannot utilize it is excellent. HostArmada delivers on that front and has custom-tailored Shared cloud SSD hosting, VPS cloud SSD hosting, and Dedicated CPU Cloud SSD hosting solutions.

Let’s look at these types of services individually and see who they are targeted for.

HostArmada Shared Hosting Plans

Shared Cloud SSD Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular type of service amongst the web hosting community, as it is the most affordable, making it perfect for new bloggers/webmasters or developers. On top of offering shared hosting plans, HostArmada has deployed them on cloud infrastructure, modernizing the service and investing in the future. Here are the three available solutions:

  • Start Dock Plan – Starting at $2.69 per month

The Start Dock is HostArmada’s entry plan aimed at people getting into web hosting and website building. It has the capability to host a single domain name, which is perfect for the purpose mentioned above. You can also create unlimited emails and have 15GB of SSD cloud storage.

Despite being the most affordable plan, it does not compromise security, speed, or support. Your domain will also take advantage of the free SSL certificates available on all HostArmada’s hosting solutions.

The plan can accommodate up to ~10000 unique visitors each month and uses Nginx as the primary web server, offering static content caching capabilities for the users, ultimately making it faster for visitors.

  • Web Warp Plan – Starting at $4.49/month

The next plan HostArmada has to offer is pretty similar to the Web Warp in terms of server setup, however, it provides the ability to host unlimited domain names, making it ideal if you wish to expand your website portfolio.

With 30GB of SSD storage at your disposal and free SSL certificates for all domains, this plan is positively fantastic should you want to upgrade the package. It can handle ~60000 unique visitors each month, and the Nginx web server ensures that the traffic is as smooth as possible, thanks to its ability to cache static resources.

  • Speed Reaper Plan – Starting at $5.69 (highly recommended)

Right, it’s time for the big guns now! The Speed Reaper Hosting solution is one of the best solutions at this price range you can buy on the market. Featuring LiteSpeed as the primary web server, this beast of a package will offer you outstanding speed and insane traffic smoothening capabilities should your website get many concurrent visitors.

It is perfect for hosting one traffic-intensive website or many small ones. It is also ideal for web stores. It has double the previous plan’s resources and has fewer people hosted on it, guaranteeing almost similar experience to a VPS plan!

The Speed Reaper is said to handle ~120000 unique visitors each month, and you also get a free SSL certificate installed on all your domains hosted there.

HostArmada VPS Cloud SSD Package

VPS Cloud hosting is the next level product you should be looking at should you already own a traffic-heavy website or many small sites.

The great thing about this service is that it offers dedicated resources (RAM, SSD, CPU), and you do not have to share them with anyone else. Another thing about using a VPS server is the Dedicated IP address, considered by many people to be a defining factor when it comes to SEO.

HostArmada VPS Cloud SSD Package

HostArmada offers four VPS cloud SSD services, each increasing the resources of its predecessor.

  • Web Shuttle – $30.22/mo
  • Web Voyager – $35.72/mo
  • Web Raider – $46.72/mo
  • Site Carrier – $74.22/mo

We recommend picking this plan if you are a serious business owner, and you prefer having dedicated resources that your projects can use whenever they need it. Do not compromise in those regards as going for a budget-friendly option can cost you more in the long run.

HostArmada Cloud SSD Dedicated CPU Plans

Dedicated CPU servers are a new technology that is cloud-based and is looking to replace the Bare Metal Dedicated Servers of the past. Many sources will tell you that the performance of a bare metal dedicated server is unmatched, however, this solution comes close and has a significant advantage over its archaic predecessor.

It is much more stable, easier to manage, more comfortable to scale up, and is less susceptible to crashes. These solutions should be picked by people who have large businesses or are running resource-consuming ERP and CRM systems that need dedicated resources.

HostArmada Dedicated SSD Package

A benefit over the standard VPS Cloud server is that the CPU here is much more powerful and allows 100% utilization for an unlimited amount of time. These are times when the server is processing a lot of information generated from your websites or applications. Here are the available Dedicated CPU solutions HostArmada has to offer:

  • Armada DS – LIFT OFF! – $149/mo
  • Armada DS – Low Orbit – $209/mo
  • Armada DS – High Orbit – $329/mo

These are the themes when resources are of utmost importance, and you should never sacrifice dedicated resources for affordability.

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Which applications does HostArmada support?

With the number of web applications out there, it is unthinkable for a web host to limit itself and host only a few apps.

HostArmada capitalizes very hard on supporting all sorts of applications in their environment as they are very future-oriented. With the help of the one-click installer, you can deploy many open-source applications with a single click from your control panel.

On top of that, if the desired application is not available, you can ask their support team to install it for you completely free of charge!

Here is a list of the most famous apps supported by HostArmada:

WordPress – No surprise there, as in 2019, a statistic showed that 40% of websites on the internet are made with WordPress. An absolutely fantastic application with a vast community and plugin diversity that can turn a WordPress into whatever you need.

Joomla – Before WordPress’s rise, Joomla used to be the king of CMS but has dramatically subsided in those regards in the last couple of years. Despite that, it is still a perfect pick if you choose to use it as your website’s core.

Drupal – Drupal is known to have insane modularity and a very vast community. It is excellent for creating sites, however, it is more oriented towards people who already have the technical know-how and is not as beginner-friendly as WordPress or Joomla.

Magento – Magento is the world’s eCommerce leader and is a top choice for making online stores. The downsides of Magento is that it requires coding knowledge, an environment with higher resources, and Linux terminal skills so you can manage it properly.

HostArmada Hosting Recap

No matter which package you chose, you are in good hands with HostArmada. All of their plans are feature-packed, optimized, and the level of support is identical. You do not need to invest extra into mandatory features that should be part of the service when you purchase it. Here is a recap of what we talked about in the previous paragraphs:

  • Optimized servers featuring performance-orientated web servers
  • Many package options that cater to every type of user’s needs
  • Robust security & daily backups on all servers
  • Free Website migrations
  • Affordable pricing, lower than most providers on the market
  • Free domain registration/transfer
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free cPanel
  • Free one-click installer
  • Free, premium 24/7/365 technical support over three support channels
  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Nine distinct datacenter locations across the globe
  • Free Cloudflare CDN integration
  • Free application update/installations
  • Free staging services
  • Free website optimization services/suggestions

Woah, that’s quite a list of features, right? Our final judgment in regards to the HostArmada service is that you have to try it! There is nothing to lose here due to the money-back guarantee, and you receive far more than your money’s worth.

If you still have any questions regarding HostArmada hosting services, please check the FAQ below. If you still have doubts, please visit HostArmada directly and begin a chatting session with their sales team – they will give you all the information you need!

HostArmada Hosting Services FAQ

1. Is HostArmada user-friendly and easy to get started?

Absolutely! The design of their website is modern and designed with accessibility in mind. The signup process is intuitive, and the account activation is instant after you purchase.

2. How can I register a free domain with HostArmada?

You may do so during the signup process, or you can do it at a later point. If you chose the second option, all you need to do is contact the support team over one of the support channels and let them know the domain you want so they can register it for you.

3. What is the refund policy at HostArmada?

HostArmada offers a 45-days money-back guarantee, which is a long period compared to most hosting providers that offer 30 days or less. There are no binding contracts, no cancellation fees, or anything that could potentially cause you to lose money.

If you are not happy within the 45 days time-frame and request a refund – you will receive all hosting expenses back with no questions asked!

4. Does HostArmada offer free transfer for my website?

HostArmada includes a free website migration when you sign up for their services. Even better, they offer multiple migrations if you have more websites, based on your plan. You can receive up to fifteen free migrations, depending on which plan you chose.

5. Can I get a free SSL certificate for my domain on HostArmada?

SSL is a mandatory part of a website, and no website owner can afford to stay without it, as it has ranking and security consequences.

HostArmada acknowledges this fact and offers free SSL certificates on all domains hosted on their servers.

6. Does HostArmada back up my websites?

Backups are critical and give you peace of mind that no matter what happens to your site, you have an available copy which you can restore at any point.

HostArmada offers daily backups on all their servers – the number of backups vary based on your plan, with the maximum number reaching 21 backups!

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