Hostgator Web Hosting Review 2021

I always cherish the beautiful moments when I have started my first website in partnership with HostGator. Generally, considered one of the most powerful and reliable web hosting services for several years. During my speed tests HostGator cloud come out at the top in speed loading a website as fast as `280ms which is considered great for WordPress blogs too.

Today I’ll help you see run some real-life performance benchmarks that I’ve performed that I have compiled in the form of the review. You can even feel ascertain by reading my HostGator Review 2021 to see if your existing web host good enough to continue.

Starting at $3.95/month

  • 24/7/365 Support

  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Free Domain Included with every hosting plan

  • 100 GB Storage Space for basic plan

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

  • Renewal Rate is high

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Why You Need A Powerful Hosting Service For Your Website?

It is quite viable for me to start my first website was built using HostGator. I fondled the old memories where I had choices for picking a low-cost web host but I didn’t. I went for a more robust hosting which is reliable especially when you’re starting out the first time.

In regard to better speed, reliability, good uptime HostGator cloud hosting has come up at the top with a faster loading speed of 28ms. It’s incredible to see some renowned web host can’t even match up with HostGator performance even when doubled the hosting fees.

Hostgator Review

HostGator is one versatile hosting that offers an array of features to the users. Below in the post, you’ll come across the detail about the HostGator hosting plans and features so that you can figure if it’s the right host for your website.

Starting from scratch creating a website is still easy as it seems. There is a misconception that you need a full-fledged web developer or designer in order to create a website but that’s not true. However, choosing a functional hosting provider will certainly streamline this process.

Regardless of the different streamlining methods one uses picking the right web host remains the topmost priority for any website owner. Choosing the wrong web host may end up creating many discrepancies. For instance, a low-quality host would slower the loading speed of your website thus, making your website less visible to search engines and would be more prone to cyber-attacks.

In case when you’re starting out to make your first website then you’ll more likely to go with a web host that offers you a sense of reliability, good speed, and has a good reputation. Despite the fact, HostGator provides a dozen plans to choose from focusing amidst the beginners precisely on their initial online journeys.

The Foregoing History Of Hostgator

Foregoing History of Hostgator

HostGator hosting company is incorporated in Florida, Atlantic University in 2002 however its growth has been spontaneous year after year. Usually, in 2012, HostGator has merged into endurance international group another hosting company similar to Bluehost. The offices are in Houston, Texas but now have in several places across the world.

HostGator hosting provider serves about 9 million websites and mainly suffice those in nascent stages in blogging and take account in use for the website veterans.

Since HostGator started its operations we had seen its exceptional growth over the years. Despite all odds, HostGator remained a fine-tuned hosting provider competing with other hosts whereas the majority of the hosts fade back after a few years of business.

HostGator remained at the top of one of the most popular hosts in the entire hosting arena. The ability to compete against major web hosts over a long period of time is something whilst providing top-notch service is astounding in our opinion.

The Pros Of HostGator

Pros and Cons of Hostgator

HostGator may be an age-old hosting company and running its business successfully over the years. For sure you’ll come to see the worthy difference between the HostGator and other web hosting providers such as.

1. Faster Speed

HostGator is fast, faster than you think. And this remains applicable even for the basic shared hosting plans. They top the charts with a high score and persists as one of the top-performing web hosting compared to other web hosts.

In order to run a website or blog successfully, you need better performing web hosting which is usually known as the foundation of your blog.

2. First Time User Discounts

When you think of choosing web hosting for the first time. Choose HostGator’s basic shared hosting plans which are inexpensive.

There are chances that you will get good discounts if you’re a first-time user in either way the standard prices of web hosting are high but your website still remains profitable and a little bit of income won’t make a dent.

3. Customer Support
HostGator customer support remains open 24×7 and can be contacted over telephone and online chat. While the telephonic support provides you answer to your queries with detailed instructions of any issues instantly.

However, the online chat support takes some time to get hold of your asked questions. Despite the mixed reviews, tech support is well acquainted with the issues.

Not just that they have a separate ticketing system. Out front they have the knowledge base, video tutorials and a forum to support the system to help you with the queries.

4. Multiple Support Channels

HostGator eager to help every other customer with different support channels such as access to 24/7/365 support through a variety of live chat, email, phone, and email.

It may take some time to get connected with support services but once connected they will go the extra mile to find the resolution of your issues.

4. Solid Server Uptime

HostGator is quite efficient in offering almost 99.9% uptime which is pretty standard with the majority of hosting providers. Beyond they have a rock-solid uptime with daily, weekly backups.

In case if the uptime comes short of 99.9% uptime and that will be compensated accordingly.

5. Free Site Migration And Installs

If you are switching from your existing web hosting to HostGator then it became quite easy to sign up for the hosting fill up all details and the rest will be taken care of by the team. HostGator is ideal for beginners who don’t want the hustle and bustle of the tedious migration process.

One thing to notice, if you are pretty new and purchasing web hosting for the first time. Then look for the one-click installs they offer. It is a feature that every other web host offers to install CMS on your site with just a use of a few clicks you can set up everything in just a few minutes.

Few of these tools and services allow you to get hold of your site from the very beginning even if you do not possess any technical skills.

6. Complete Unlimited Hosting

Only a handful of hosting companies offer unlimited of everything. HostGator has remained unlimited by the means of disk space, bandwidth and databases. Additionally, you can create as many email addresses along with domain names on your account. Note that this feature is not available in the basic shared hosting plan.

A lot of hosting seen to offer unlimited packages but in reality, there aren’t any unlimited in actual form. Hence, your hosting gets suspended if you caught using over the limit: even with HostGator.

On the contrary, let’s suppose a shared hosting package is used to power up to two sites the chances are that you may end up with the resources allotted in less time.

HostGator unveils hosting packages that certainly have no restrictions, as well as your hosting, remains unlimited adhering to certain conditions.

  • Users shouldn’t create more than 00,000 files cPanel
  • Users shouldn’t have more than 30 email accounts or restricted to 500 emails per hour.
  • Users shouldn’t run more than 25 cPanel process at the same time
  • Users shouldn’t use more than 25% server and CPU for more than 90 seconds.

These are the following conditions that HostGator put forward and they actually seem to take quite loads of hard work to achieve those limits. The only CON that your hosting account may fall apart was the server CPU usage where you will experience a spike in traffic and this could hog up the resources and at the end hit the limit.

The Cons of HostGator

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting providers in the world. But with every good comes bad too. Looking at both sides of the coin the following section will showcase the demerits of HostGator Hosting.

1. Inconsistent speed

HostGator may look pretty fast with website loading speeds and claims to be reliable but they aren’t actually. Since there are times where you will witness the slow speed loading and may see some lags.

There are many reasons that add up to such mishaps but the primary reasons belong to the other sites that share the same shared server which causes delay and slowness in servers, as a result, the spike in traffic could make the site slow.

2.Limited free backups

HostGator offers free backups as one of the features of the hosting package but then these backups aren’t that useful as the most convenient way to take a backup from the site is through the cPanel account. As automatic backups truly don’t look good with HostGator.

But if you are really serious about backup the most proficient way is to use a third-party backup service.

3. Time-consuming: Online chats

HostGator is built to cater to the need of professional bloggers, website owners, and other online businesses but sometimes reaching and help team support can be tiring and may take longer than usual.

This is applicable to live chat and there are possible reasons why you have to wait longer. Although this isn’t actually a CON but can be troublesome at times when you have urgency.

But overall the quality of their support is good and any pertaining issues on your site will be resolved in just a few minutes.

4. Renewal Fees can be Expensive

It is quite natural for major web hosting companies who charge extras in the name of renewal charges and HostGator is no exception to it. Instead, this a common practice followed by popular web hosting providers.

When you first sign up for hosting services, they keep the prices low. You can avoid paying renewal charges if you sign up for a longer duration additionally you will also get cheaper rates when signing for 2 or more years.

As you know after the hosting term is over the rates will go up drastically. New user signups are termed as promotional pricing as when the first term is advertised as discounted rates followed by the higher renewal price later.

5. The website builder is overpriced

Website builders are good options when you’re creating a couple of website pages but sadly the free ones don’t have the necessary elements hence it is better to move with paid plans. The paid website builders come with featured elements but when you count them on top of your hosting price then you may be spending more than the usual every month.

In spite of the fact that a website builder with lots of features can be considered when building your WordPress site for a more robust look. After all, they come within the reach of an average user.

HostGator Hosting Packages

Hostgator Hosting Plans and Pricing

The hosting plans are said to have different hosting packages that suit every website owner. Beginners can start an online site and existing site owners can rely on the HostGator for high traffic websites.

HostGator has different hosting options that range from shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting, WordPress cloud hosting, and at last reseller hosting.

Regardless of the budget, you’ll certainly be able to find the right web hosting plan. In the following section, HostGator hosting plans are described.

HostGator Review on Shared Hosting plan

Shared hosting is most popular and it is one of the best if you have just started or had low traffic on your website. The basic shared hosting plan has a different section so as the prices. The incredible cheaper rates followed by discounts make is completely suitable for new websites.

  • Hatchling – Plan start from $2.75/month

Hatchling Plan is pretty good in terms of features and the price offered. If you have never built a website and thinking to create one – The hostGator hatchling plan is one of the best affordable hosting packages.

The plan consists of the single domain, shared SSL certificate, unmetered website bandwidth, and 1- click installation along with few other features.

The basic shared hosting plan offers single domain support, a shared SSL, and unmetered bandwidth with 1-click support and some other features.

HostGator pricing is affordable and cheap if you purchase a hosting plan for a longer duration. Likewise, the HostGator below is the pricing of Hostgator hatchling hosting plan

Hostgator Hatchling Plan

As you see the 3-year hosting plan price are lower than the other plans. Consecutively a 3-year plan is good enough for those looking for reliable and performance-rich hosting.

  • Baby – Plan starting from $5.95/month

HostGator Baby Plan is a light upgrade from the Hatchling plan. It is widely used by bloggers, webmasters for just one single reason: Unlimited domain support. If you have more than one domain you can opt-in for this plan and start building multiple websites under the Baby plan.

The Baby plan looked more flexible and gives you the ultimate freedom from maintaining multiple hosting accounts. As specified earlier in the post the hosting plan gives you the extra mileage for unlimited domain name support, FTP accounts as well as issue a shared SSL certificate.

Hostgator Baby Plan

  • Business Plans – For Small and medium-sized business, Online stores

If you are looking for an affordable yet feature-rich shared hosting plan then HostGator – Business shared hosting plan is perfect for small and medium-sized business for online business.

HostGator feature-rich hosting allows you to improve the search engine ranking of your website. Also, you will be offered a free private SSL certificate along with FTP accounts, a dedicated IP address and a toll-free business phone number, and at last a group of SEO tools.

Hostgator Business Hosting Plan

HostGator Cloud Hosting Plan Review – Perfect for bloggers and high traffic site

Cloud hosting offered may seem a bit expensive compared to shared hosting. But right from the point of purchase, you’ll come to know about the hosting added benefits.

Most website owners avoid using cloud hosting and opt-in for shared hosting but considering the features, scaling needs, and importantly growing your site rapidly cloud hosting is the best choice for all.

Hostgator Cloud Hosting Pricing Plan

Cloud hosting works entirely in a different way than shared hosting. In cloud hosting, you’re not limited to the use of only one single server but a cluster of networks-connected servers to form a server cluster. It becomes easy for anyone to scale up or down the typical server resources.

There are numerous benefits of cloud hosting especially when your website is growing rapidly or if you see a surge in traffic for some months cloud hosting effectively helps you scale up the resources and meet the essential demands.

Additionally, you are entitled to achieve higher uptimes regardless of hardware issues with any servers. It independently serves you the optimal performance by simply switching to another server in case of server errors.

Cloud hosting may not look cheap but it has endless features compared to shared hosting. For instance, cloud hosting can give you double the number of server resources of a shared host, in addition, you get faster speed and access to a performance dashboard with the cPanel which is helpful for monitoring your website.

HostGator Cloud Hosting web hosting pricing on a monthly basis

  • Hatchling Cloud Plan – $4.95/month
  • Baby Cloud Plan – $6.57/month
  • Business Cloud Plan – $9.95/month

HostGator Review – WordPress Hosting

Hostgator wordpress Hosting Review

Optimized WordPress hosting is probably one of the most demanding web hosting people looking nowadays. Especially when the site is small, most users prefer going with the standard shared hosting plan. But as when your WordPress website starts growing you may require some other functionalities such as improving the site’s speed and security.

Hostgator wordpress Hosting Pricing Plan

Unlike other web hosting providers HostGator too has a managed optimized WordPress hosting which is a good way to start a WordPress blog and forget about security, speed and performance.

The following section will help you understand the usefulness of HostGator optimized WordPress hosting.

  • The optimized WordPress hosting is two times faster than the usual shared hosting
  • Scalable cloud hosting promises to deliver performance and provides a sense of reliability with the option for scaling the resources
  • Easy control over the website and other functionalities such as email, file, database management using the portal.
  • Better security options including daily malware scan also regular backup options with previous website restoration.
  • Round the clock dedicated support team as well as real-time support.

If you already own a WordPress blog carrying a lot of traffic then it would be difficult to comprehend the right pick of your optimized WordPress hosting. To make it look a little easy on the pocket we have classified them into three sections.

Starter Plan

If you are running a WordPress website with a decent volume of traffic then it would be feasible to host a website of such kind with HostGator optimized WordPress hosting. The web hosting starter plan will get you 1 GB of storage space along with 50GB for your website files.

If you’ve picked up the starter plan for your WordPress blog then it would be a great choice to scale up in the next segment.

The pricing for the Starter Plan is as follows

  • $14.95/month for a month
  • $7.95/month for a year
  • $4.59/month for 3 year

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan may look a little expensive than the Starter plan but, in this plan, you will be able to host two separate WordPress sites as well as supports a monthly traffic limit of up to 200k visitors a month.

If you have got a WordPress site which receives a ton of traffic or you have two WordPress site then this plan worth checking into.

The pricing for the Standard Plan is as follows

  • $20.95/month for a month
  • $9.95/month for a year
  • $7.95/month for 3 year

Business Plan

Last but not the least, a Business Plan greatly suffice the need for three different WordPress websites. In addition to this, the plan offers monthly traffic of up to 200k visitors. The plan consists of unlimited of everything whereas the hosting plan is quite effective if you own a large business website.

The pricing for the Business Plan is as follows

  • $27.95/month for a month
  • $11.95/month for a year
  • $9.95/month for 3 year

HostGator web hosting offers a few distinct plans leaving the most popular plans displayed above. They may be good for web developers who create and manage websites for client websites.

Similarly, these types of web hosting can be good for other freelancers or agencies serving the digital space. Yes, we’re talking about Reseller hosting plans. In spite of the fact that this post is not entirely upon focusing on hosting plans rather, we’re sure you’ll check them up lately.

HostGator web hosting application features

HostGator undoubtedly is one of the best web hosting providers catering to the needs of millions of websites for a decade now.

HostGator is among the most popular web hosting provides different installation of applications through your server you may want to stick with WordPress anyways we just wanted to let you know about tons of applications you can use while purchasing a HostGator hosting plan.

Hostgator Technical Features

In addition, these application supports one-click installation which means choosing the desired application and installing it on one click. Since we’ve not said anything about the applications you can find them below.

WordPress – The world’s most popular CMS you can see quickly set up a blog without any hassle and even apply to massive content sites.

Joomla – It is another popular CMS that works similar to WordPress and includes lots of tools to make customizations for making quick customizations.

Drupal – Drupal supports a massive number of customizations and control over your site such as changing the different themes and plugins you can choose from

Magento– Magento usually a powerful eCommerce store software that is used to plan out everything you need for an eCommerce store.

Wiki– Wikis works similar to the Wikipedia website. The application is powered through numerous wiki software to choose from.

Exceptional features from HostGator

Regardless of the web hosting, you choose chances are that you will get the best-packed features from HostGator web hosting. Likewise, the following breakdown of most common features while picking the right tools and features.

  • Rich performance web hosting solution for every website

Most website owners, bloggers,s and other webmasters have confirmed the goodness of HostGator features. No matter how big or small is your website HostGator has well-performing servers not just that they have given more priority to your website security.

Due to which there is not even a single instance of a hacked website. Also, will get access to hundreds of applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. In addition, purchase of any HostGator plan you will get $100 free google AdWords credits that can be used for marketing the site you’ve just signed up for.

  • 45 – days Guaranteed money back policy

It’s a fair refund policy most web hosting providers make use of to attract more customers. Thanks to the 45 straight no-question asked money back policy. Due to this policy, you’ll be able to know if web hosting can meet your requirements.

Almost every host claim to provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee but in reality, things can be a little disturbing. But you can test their servers for a 45 days’ time period and pay accordingly. If you are satisfied with their services then you can continue if not, then take you a refund.

  • Useful control Panels

Every HostGator hosting plan greets you with a plethora of intuitive access to powerful cPanel software. We think a dedicated application is required to easily managing the site and the server environment.

However, if you’ve picked up windows hosting then chances are that you will get a Plesk control panel that is similar to cPanel and offers functionalities such as email, website management, server configuration, and software installation.

Security is a must-have feature that we haven’t talked about yet. There is no doubt that HostGator is a large web hosting provider yet a strong player in the field of security. It boasts a strong firewall along with malware protection and DDoS attacks.

Also, if you are not familiar with UDP flooding technique that most hacker uses to send packets to the targeted server to overload the server and hinder proper working. Thus, HostGator prevents this type of attack at the network level to stop any breach attempt.

  • Security features from HostGator

Since HostGator is one of the oldest web hostings that promises to safeguard your website’s vital data through precise monitoring of the server environment.

You may not know but HostGator assimilated a vast array of security features such as the inclusion of firewalls, regular website scans, security PIN creation, bundled SSL certificates. HostGator takes extensive care of your website and files on the server.

FAQ’s about HostGator Web Hosting

Do you think HostGator is easy to setup?

HostGator is one of the oldest web hosting solutions and has good ease of access. Starting from the purchased of the domain name, installing CMS or using the website builder everything is quite incredible in nature. If you never had the chance of building a website before then grab this opportunity to build one using HostGator web hosting service.

Not exactly free but you can find some promotional offers been run at a different time of the year take this opportunity to get a free domain when you buy new signup for the new hosting.

HostGator currently offering a straight 45 days money-back guarantee if you choose to abide with their rules and regulations of the policy. HostGator is having one of the long duration of the period offered by the hosting company as compared to its counterparts.

If you’re planning to switch over to HostGator then it is possible to ask them for free site migration. This feature is extremely important for beginners who don’t want to face hustle & bustle of all the technical steps.

SSL is becoming one of the key elements in search engine rankings. When you sign up for the first time, you’ll get a free SSL certificate. Also, know that the type of SSL certificate is determined upon the plan your purchase.

HostGator allows you to take full website backups using cPanel but there are limitations on the number of backups. On the contrary, you can take help of third-party backup services such as code guard for backing up your site.

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