TMDHosting Review 2023 – Why TMD is the Best Web Hosting


TMD Hosting is a USA based web hosting company founded in the year 2007. Started with mere open source hosting but has grown and expanded to offer full-fledged services introducing new technologies and additional features.

Needless to say, TMD hosting is one of the best web hosting services to fulfill the majority of your needs.

At present TMD Hosting has headquarters in Orlando, Florida, with offices nearly in different countries like Phoenix, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, and so on.

This TMDhosting review 2023 will tell you exactly how the web host built tremendous hosting capabilities and infrastructure with their data centers that significantly meet the SSAE-16 standards ensuring a high level of security.

Raised floors, air conditioning units, above-average 24×7 security, fire suppression system is something that helps your website remains out of misery.

It may seem that TMD hosting may not be the largest web hosting company in the world but their website arguably makes the best impression on the user. The company mainly focuses on shared, VPS, cloud, and reseller hosting with some wonderful features and superior support mechanism for their customers.

So, we’ve made our mind to test their servers for performance, speed, and reliability. With the help of this article, you can be pretty sure about TMD hosting and its benefits.

While there aren’t many TMDhosting reviews, but the customer review inclined to be a lot positive on the whole compared to those for those bigger names.

Quick Facts about TMD Hosting

  • Start off with just $2.89/month
  • You will have a domain free for life
  • Spam Experts protection for spam-free included
  • SSD-RAID 10 technology
  • Free daily backups
  • Websites installations are free with team assist
  • Round the clock support mechanism

The datacentres are situated at various locations across different countries for better speeds.

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TMDHosting Review – Plans and Pricing

As we have started there exist different types of hosting. If you are on the lookout for something cheap, scalable then shared hosting is the road ahead.

The further step would be VPS hosting, where you share a physical server with hundreds of others but you will obtain a virtual private machine of your own so it appears to rent the hardware itself.

If you wish to manage your own server better off with dedicated hosting. Otherwise, cloud hosting is convenient when you want the scalable function to move to high or low prices in accordance with your needs.

In the end, if you are a developer and wish to opt for giving them off to customers then Reseller hosting is the best choice.

Shared Hosting

  • Amazing hosting package: With just a mere $2.85/month the renewal prices did not tend to change even after the promotion period ends.
  • Unlimited hosting package: Higher with $5.58/month the renewal prices do not change after the promotional period ends.

In the first, the Amazing package comprises unlimited storage and bandwidth for a single domain which includes WHM/cPanel. In respect of both price and long term, price is pretty much similar in a startup.

However, with Unlimited Package, everything remains the same except for the unlimited domains. There is nothing special with the features but the official site of TMD hosting does show the free installation of templates, apps, plugins with WordPress open-source platform.

TMD hosting does not include lots of embellishment as a while this is terrific value for the money. Particularly when you take the opportunity of grabbing the 50% discount.

VPS Hosting

TMDHosting - VPS Hosting

There are multiple options to choose from as well as different tiers to pick one for you. Deep down has VPS 1 offering a straight 40Gb of space, 2000Gb of traffic, 1.8 GHz of two CPU cores with approximately 1Gb of RAM along with 128Mb of the cache. With that said the VPS 1 starts at a price of $35.95/month.

The highest plan with the name VPS 5 gets you 150Gb of disk space, 7,000 GB of traffic, 3.0Ghz 8 core CPU power with approximately 4GB of RAM with 1024Mb of the cache. All these at just $116/month.

Considering the plans in-between the middle three are suitable for any user with budget-friendly VPS hosting. Whereas in other companies the plans are limited to three but TMD hosting has better flexibilities over plans as far as choices are concerned.

Dedicated Hosting

TMDHosting - Dedicated Server

Let’s be true to the fact that our TMDhosting reviews says everything in an unbiased way however the plans are expensive when it comes to dedicated hosting. The dedicated hosting plans are divided into three tiers considering the $229/month plan at the lowest at $389/month at the highest.

  • The $229/month plan comprises of 500Gb of server space, 8Gigs of RAM, and 10TB of bandwidth.
  • The $389/month plan provide doubles the storage with over 24Gigs of RAM and a total of 10TB of bandwidth.

Both include root access, with WHM access as well as rapid provisioning. TMD hosting offering them under managed hosting which is something new to us especially in dedicated hosting. You can also take control of your servers and manage them accordingly as you see fit.

On the contrary, most web hosting companies relying on technology to manage their servers. TMD hosting on the other hand uses an administrative team and in-person monitoring on servers for errors, downtime, and other major faults. This further ensures the servers remain bug-free all the time.

Cloud Hosting

In the event that if flexibility is your major concern Cloud Hosting from TMD hosting is a perfect option for you. You get three consecutive tiers of service with artfully named as

TMDHosting - Cloud Hosting

  • Summer Cloud
  • Rain Cloud
  • Storm Cloud

With Cloud hosting packages starting with $49.95/month that offers multiple website hosting, a free domain name for life, free SSH access. TMD offers an option for a robust cPanel with WHM along with 24×7 support. It is evident from the fact that the servers used are completely managed and monitored in-person.

Reseller Hosting

Are you running an online business or a developer looking to make websites for clients or for test purposes? TMD hosting reseller hosting provides different hosting packages with the starting price of $19.95/month.

At this price you are ought to get 65 GB of storage alongside 700GB of bandwidth, unlimited domains, WHM/cPanel, and round the clock support.

TMDHosting - Reseller Hosting

If needed, there are additional packages with the starting price of $34.95 and $49.95 per month. In the top tier, you get 200 GB of storage space alongside 2000 GB of bandwidth.

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TMD Hosting: Support – Response Time

We’ve dealt with numerous web hosting previously that has response time ranging from thirty minutes to a day. In the event if the site is not reachable for a specific time then we’re disappointed to say, the hosting is definitely the one you should ever choose.

With help of this TMD web hosting review 2023, you will come to know of a web host that has brilliant response time with timings matching the perfect score.

Blogging Features

At the first sight, you will feel disappointed with the absence of WordPress hosting but they actually do. You will find the WordPress hosting option at the bottom of the page with the starting price of $2.85/month.

The WordPress hosting plans are nice and affordable and come with a large set of features along with a straight 60-days refund policy.

Talking about the features TMD offers in WordPress accounts include are

  • Free domain for life
  • Complimentary free spam protection
  • Daily backups and data restoration

TMD WordPress hosting package includes some more features such as SSH access, FFMPEG, and HD codecs.

In addition inclusion of SSD technology will help your WordPress website to run fast. As it may the installation is provided with a 1-click WordPress installer that takes only a few minutes of time to complete.

A few Templates and themes are available for use with TMD WordPress hosting. In case if you stuck anywhere you get tutorials provided by TMD.

If you host a WordPress website with TMD you get free ID protection, SSL certificate as well as mobile optimization for your website from goMobi mobile.

eCommerce Features

Whether or not you plan to run a shopping website, you will require the right place to host it. Thanks to TMDhosting review 2023 that says the web host has secure web hosting solutions with different shopping cart programs and includes Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and WooCommerce.

You will be able to get features such as unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth with a free domain for life. Above all, a straight 60-days refund policy will be great in case you did not feel like sticking with TMD at some later point in time.

In addition to this, you will receive high profits as other accounts on TMD hosting servers such as free backups, restoration, and spam protection are given free to you.

You will get benefitted from the support team if you wish to take technical training across different shopping cars you use.

Security Features

TMD Hosting seems concerned about security seriously. And to confirm that with servers they use CloudLinux distribution that offers great security frameworks.

Besides TMD hosting is popular due to regular updates with patches and fixes on a time intervals. This brings significant improvements when updates are installed on Cloud Linux Network frequently. These guarantees the server is continuously protected against DDoS attacks and issues.

If that doesn’t impress you then TMD hosting equipped with a high-end firewall build on Apache mod_security. The security updates are rolled every day by the support team.

Furthermore, it also includes spam protection and SSL certificates as well. At long last, to put a lid on the presence of a human monitoring system is simply not to look out for hardware faults but to hunt for cyber threats as well.

In this case, if a firewall goes missing the human surveillance will be there to put a stop to it.

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Refund Policy

TMD hosting with their 60-days  no question asked policy is an added functionality. This resembles a good choice for unsatisfied customers within the first 60 days of purchasing the hosting. The refund policy is quick and can be accessed from the client area or by contacting customer care directly.

Thereafter you need to request a new ticket and ask the billing department to refund the money for a valid reason.

The true fact here is most hosting companies offer you a refund within the first 30 days of purchase of hosting from them. Since, TMD hosting is an exception here where you get adequate time to test their servers, performance, and even the tiniest of details and see if they work according to your needs.

Ease of Access

The TMD Hosting uses robust cPanel technology which is high-performing and easy to use. However with the main focus however with WordPress hosting, most people give their personal experiences using TMD hosting.

In addition to the practical aspects, cPanel covers more aesthetic aspects as well. If you are a blogger and go savvy on how to activate the security features, explains how to avoid common pitfalls such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and what the common security problems are.

Many companies think that they have to use the open-source CMS from WordPress, but this is not the case for many companies. As stated above, WordPress is very popular for its powerful functionality, but it has many drawbacks that you can take advantage of to protect yourself against potential threats.

When considering which hosting company to go with, whether or not you need to go with WordPress or another CMS, TMD hosting offers keep good security measures and updates. With so many companies developing applications for the web these days, it is important to have your base protected against malicious hackers.

Customer support

Most web hosting experts will speak well about TMD hosting customer support with round the clock support you can easily get through by telephone, email, live chat.

However, the most highlighted part is customer service takes only a few minutes of time to connect and mitigate the issue.

However, you can raise tickets for any concern that matters and TMD hosting will try to resolve the issue in no less than 15-minutes of time. This is much helpful for those who have less time and do not want to wait for hours to reach an agent.

What is TMD Hosting best for?

TMD Hosting review is that you should consider VPS or shared hosting. Shared based hosting is what many people would think to be a tried-and-true method for web hosting, but it does have its drawbacks.

With VPS, you get complete root access to your server and can install whatever software you want. You also won’t have to deal with all the problems associated with installing software and can literally set up your website in minutes instead of hours.

You can also create as large a website as you like with VPS since it runs itself in a virtual environment.

Positive of TMD Hosting

  1. TMDHosting offers cost-effective bundles and also lots of rates to pick from, in addition to specialized hosting packages for blogging as well as eCommerce.
  2. Security functionalities on TMDHosting are top-notch. You are not going to find a great deal of Webhosting that have specialized human surveillance with an eye out for security threats and hardware disruptions.
  3. There are a lot of excellent complementary features that are consistent with all accounts. While other companies bill you for backups as well as repair, filtering spam, and also a domain name, TMDHosting provides these services to you completely free.
  4. The customer support group goes above as well as past with 24/7 aid alongside an assured 15-minute response time to all inquiries. The 60-day money-back duration is around twice as long and above market requirement.
  5. Customer testimonials for this host are superb.

Negative of TMD Hosting

  1. TMD hosting specifically does not have as many reviews as some other web hosting out there.
  2. As such, I understand less about them than I’d like. There are a lot more bells and whistles provided by another web hosting, specifically for specialized services like WordPress hosting.

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As you have seen, in our TMD web hosting review there are not a lot of negatives that we can think of for TMD Hosting, however, there are a lot of positives.

TMD hosting may do not have the history as well as credibility established by hundreds of evaluations for rivals such as HostGator or Bluehost, amongst them TMD Hosting does have are superior.

Such are their features and also advantages, with respect to that we think confident in recommending you. TMD Hosting, fortunately, outstands in hosting for the current web hosting market. And now you can find them at your disposal at a 50% discount rate!

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