Types of Web Hosting


Web hosting is one that most of us need to run a website or blog. There are 100’s of hosting plans available to host your wordpress blog or website? To find the best and trustworthy is a big task. Here in this article, I have written detailed information on types of web hosting and what should be the best hosting solutions for your website, and when to upgrade your hosting.

Types of web hosting

For beginners, you always have trouble searching for a reliable host and sometimes knowing which company to trust. We all know there are 100’s of companies trying to grab users ushering in various coupons and discounts.

That must be because of those trying to make a quick buck out of you without much support. Luckily, we popped in to help you with all hosting reviews almost for all web hosting companies. So that you can have a fair idea about the service, support & features offered by a web host company.

Every blog has to be hosted, so why not the best host. A blog or website stands to gain popularity by having good hosting, but you should end up using a free host if you’re using it.

Now, if we talk about the need for the best web hosting certainly the most important priority would be maximizing profits. Picking a not so good web hosting would have a negative impact on your blog or website. Here are some points you ought to look at these.

  • Loss of revenue
  • Negative effect on your SEO Ranking
  • A security breach or malware attacks

At the end of the article, you will be provided with the Best Web Hosting provider in all the types of web hosting. So if you are a startup, you can go with them and as your website will grow, they have all the solutions to manage your traffic, you don’t have to go around and search for other hosting companies.

Let’s see the various types of Web Hosting

Shared Website Hosting

Shared web hosting is one of the most preferred hosting solutions across the globe. Due to the low price, this is good for all beginners for blogs or websites.

Shared Hosting
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Shared hosting is one such service where you share the disk space and bandwidth of a physical server with other users or multiple website owners hosted on the same server.

There are a few basic plans for beginners where you create and set up your first blog. You also get a basic package along with options to upgrade later as per your requirements. All shared hosting packages reviewed by us come with 30 to 45 days of the money-back guarantee.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is a service that allows users to host on virtual servers that literally pull their computing resources from extensive underlying networks of physical servers.

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Cloud hosting is entirely different from either dedicated or shared servers which can be further defined as an extension of the concept of clustered hosting where blogs and websites are hosted on multiple servers at different locations.

There are some advantages associated with cloud hosting such as


As, you know wordpress is a free and open-source CMS (content management system) Perhaps, one of the largest self-hosted blogging tool. WordPress cloud hosting allows you to scale your resources as per the traffic surge and how you want to control your wordpress blog through deployment and maintenance.

Using cloud hosting as an option to host get benefits on security, cost, and performance.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS hosting refers to a Virtual Private Server where a Physical server is split into multiple small servers through using virtualization technology.

Virtual Private servers are a perfect solution for wordpress users who have already used shared hosting or where incoming traffic is large to handle for shared hosting.

All VPS plans come with powerful Hexa Core servers that offer superior computing experience.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is somewhat a server that is completely offered on lease to host your wordpress blog or website.

A dedicated server is completely managed by the hosting provider along with that a user gets using the server has full control over it.

Hosting companies that offer dedicated hosting plans bring the latest security patches from time to time allowing all the upgrades related to the software and applications to run properly.

We list some of the best web hosting companies with the best support, tools, and resources for you to run your wordpress blog. We also ensure you get the best server managed to host when you’re paying high and reflects your core business operations.

I have written a detailed article on Best Hosting for Laravel and if you are looking to host then you should read the article

Conclusion on types of web hosting

I hope you have read the detailed article on various types of web hosting are available and selection of hosting is totally depend upon your requirement.

When you should select different types of web hosting?

  • Shared Hosting – If you are a starter or newbie starting your blog or website, then you can go with shared hosting
  • Cloud Hosting – If you have now started receiving the traffic and there is customization, speed and security is the essential factors then go with cloud hosting
  • VPS Hosting – If your website started receiving high traffic then go with VPS, but always go with managed VPS hosting, because managing unmanaged VPS hosting needs a trained professionals
  • Dedicated Server – If you have multiple websites with high traffic or you are managing dedicated Gaming servers, then you should go with a dedicated server.

Best web hosting providers in 2021

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