What is Shared Hosting? A Complete Guide for Beginners


Shared hosting has become popular today because of the economic options that it provides. Most of the hosting companies offer the web server along with required utilities to hundreds of customers.

The hosting packages offered are based on the amount of storage space required and the additional facilities such as detailed control panel, databases, local server usages, FTP accounts, customized email facility, periodic reports on website traffic, details of visitors to the site along with complete security and protection to the web site.

While choosing the hosting facility for your website, you should look for trustworthy companies offering shared hosting services for the past few years.

Make sure that you get excellent sales and support services by the company which remains available round the clock. VPS or dedicated server services can also be made available as a part of hosting services.

Shared Web Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is an online service that allows several websites to be uploaded and run successfully on a single server. Every user gets a section on the server in terms of user account and it can be utilized by the customers to host the website in the allocated space and make use of the utilities.

Multiple websites can share the server and the resources as per the availability. Each of the customers makes use of the server while choosing the required features and facilities. It depends on various hosting packages available which are cheap and the best.


What is Shared Hosting Benefits?

Shared hosting has become part of the website and web portal companies who find the web hosting as a most convenient and highly economically suitable business solution.

It not only saves money which is otherwise a costly affair but makes website hosting easier without any issues.

  • Most of the web sites hosting packages available on the shared server are very economical and saves a lot of money.
  • The shared hosting companies offer highly advanced features and facilities that are useful in dealing with customized and business operations.
  • The shared hosting offers unlimited bandwidth and the facilities to extend the disk space as and when required.
  • The multiple domains hosting and the easy to handle email setup makes shared hosting highly preferred among the customers.
  • The support services offered by the customer care departments always help the customer by offering 24/7 services.

How much does shared hosting cost?

Shared hosting is highly economical and it offers various charges depending on various services available and the hosting packages. The cost of the shared hosting mainly depends on the features and the facilities offered to the customers.

The cost of shared hosting is $3 to $15 per month, depending on the selected hosting plan.

The cost of the dedicated server is between $80 and $730.

Things to consider before purchasing Shared Hosting

There are several factors, you have to consider before you choose the best web hosting provider. There are many companies offering solutions for shared hosting but you have to make sure that the company offers the following utilities:

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth should be part of the hosting plan.
  • Domain should be available freely
  • Site building tools should be available
  • It should provide secure site certification
  • Utilities should be available to customize the website
  • The site should be protected from spam, viruses, and hackers
  • Online Google tools such as AdWords, Sitemap should be available
  • The customer care and support services should be available 24/7.
  • The website should remain online for 24/7/365 days
  • A money-back guaranty facility should be offered.
  • The use of green energy is preferred.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting has become part of the business operations and many commercial and business companies have been part of a shared hosting server. There are many advantages of shared hosting services among users around the world.

Let us discuss some of the main advantages of the shared hosting services

  • The shared hosting facility is highly economical and easily affordable to one and all.
  • The shared hosting company often shares the resources among its customers by offering huge discounts and limited offers.
  • The customers find it easy to work on the shared hosted website as it offers facilities like building a website, using images, and many other useful utilities.
  • The shared hosting company values its customers well and offers timely support and user-friendly services.
  • Most individuals and companies find it feasible to make use of shared servers and the resources for personal and commercial usage which is very beneficial and helps in extending the work area and the business prospects.
  • You have to choose the best and the most economically suitable shared hosting services that will help you in saving your money and allows you to grow faster.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

There are a few disadvantages of shared hosting services. Some of the issues are very minor but some other issues can be very serious.

  • The possibility of failure of the shared server is higher because it handles several different websites and hosting accounts. Various operations take place simultaneously.
  • The performance of the server and the processing speed can be affected when there is a load on the server. Because of one particular issue, many websites can get affected.
  • Security also plays an important role in affecting the functionality of the shared hosting server. The entire framework can get crashed due to security failure when a virus strikes a website.
  • The interaction with the server and the entire execution processes can get affected when the server stops executing the commands.

These are some of the important reasons which can make shared hosting a serious disadvantage.

Alternatives to Shared Hosting

There are alternatives to the shared hosting option and it can provide better quality services with fewer chances of failures. Most of these alternative services are easily affordable and highly reliable. Let us discuss some of the services:

  • VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a hosting service that most of the company’s preferred to have. It is a dedicated hosting service that is Hybrid. Here the server is used only for a single user by offering all the dedicated functionalities.

The cost of the virtual dedicated server and the services are affordable and also offer additional services such as higher safety solutions and root access facilities. The resources available can be utilized by choosing and paying for it separately.

The features and the resources can be used or removed depending on business requirements. The cost remains economical and you can easily afford it.

  • Dedicated server

It is the best alternative solution for a shared hosting server. The dedicated server offers higher performance, faster speed, and superior quality services.

It allows various resources to be used which are always ready to use. The server supports the software installations and hardware upgrades as and when required.

The server can easily manage a higher volume of data and traffic without any issue. It supports all types of dedicated services and also supports various scripting languages.

What Restrictions Apply to Shared Hosting Plans?

When you host your website on the shared hosting server, you will get available recourses according to the chosen hosting plan. But while hosting the websites on the shared hosting server, you need to follow certain rules and restrictions. Some of the important parameters are discussed below:

  • There is a limit to the number of connections a website makes with the shared server. It depends on the type of hosting plan and the features chosen while hosting the website.
  • The various processes can be utilized on your website which uses the server. But there is a limitation for every user and the only percentage of CPU can be utilized for the hosted website.
  • Memory utilization is also restricted according to the percentage which is allowed to be used for a website.
  • The user can run simultaneous services and the processes on the server which are according to the specified options.
  • There are restrictions to utilize the database connectivity to the website and to make use of it.
  • The various operations and the processes relating to the server have limitations and it allows the websites to restrict their operations.
  • The websites that often try to use the higher capability of the shared server are required to move on the dedicated servers. It will help the shared server to manage the number of websites uploaded on it and sharing the utilities.

Bottom Line:

The shared hosting server is the best option for most individuals and limited-sized companies. The shared server offers the best of services while managing the websites and keeping all the various processes well under control.

It offers the most affordable hosting plan with some of the dedicated services which makes the website hosting highly powerful. The user-friendly services and the customer care and support services make shared hosting highly popular among the people.

You have to choose the best shared hosting services that offer the most suitable hosting plans at an affordable cost.

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